blown cherrys tear stained face At least when I was on my own,
I was the most important figure in my life.
I needed me to get by,
to eat,
to clean,
just to live day to day and feel like a living human being.
But here, now,
I seem to be an unneccessary accessory.
I'm sure I could get by perfectly well
without my presence,
there are other people to handle my life for me now.

And I'm sure nobody would even realise I was gone.
There is nobody to care enough to look that hard.
Rickster I am here now, alone in my isolation. A place I create everyday, I apply myself to it like its calling my name. I do not know why I love to hurt myself, but it feels so good to make the pain hurt. I cannot explain why I enjoy it, yet it seems to seperate me from everyone I know. I cannot find the things I look for because my eyes were always closed, I was always blind to life. I shudder at the thought of remembering it all, I closed my eyes and let it all go. I chose to not remember what happened that time ago, but it comes back and then goes. It doesn't linger like it did, it once held on to me like a tentacle of a squid. I wish I could feel the way I did before, nothing to hold me back, nothing that broke my heart before. I can never look at something the same, it will never be as it was back in the day. It is for the better that I've learned my lesson, careful with your heart or you'll be burned. 021227
RedDragon I know, I've been burned many times, my heart has been ripped out and stomped on but it's okay it teaches me how to behave 040222
tristan I love to be alone, but being alone is far from being isolated. Alone, I am who I am and I get the precious chance to become familiar with my ever-changing self. Around others, I become something I can't always control; someone I do not know, and can't always predict. During those times, I become isolated from the self that I have come to know when I'm alone, and that, to me, is isolation. 040222
witchesrequiem who does not live in a world of confinement?
Who does not feel noone understands and possibly noone ever will?
Who does not isolate themselves at times to escape, feel sane or cry it out?
who has isolated you? And who have you isolated?
ofsuch i don't think the corner is still isolated. i think i accidentally or even purposefully ripped it open.

now what?

go then. let me despise myself alone.
Raina There she sat in the corner, eyes wide, watching the whole catastrophe unravel before her. It was like she was watching a car crash, knew it was going to be brutal, but still couldn't take her eyes away.

In that corner, she felt helpless, began to question her own worth, and felt upset that the people she called her friends didn't say anything.

She is watching it unfold way across the room. Not a piece of the action, but very much affected by it. And feels isolated from the whole situation.
unhinged you don't call when you say you will
you don't reply when i text you
i am tired of drowning my sorrows
i am tired of being alone in a crowded room

i was his whole world
and i pushed him away
maybe i deserve to be alone today
what's it to you?
who go