silentbob You've been playing the_game your whole life. Up to this point you were doing really well. Because the only way to lose is to think of the game. As soon as you lose the game you have to tell the people you are with. Then you have approximately fifteen minutes where you can discuss the game, introduce the game to your friends and think about the game without losing.

but eventually you will forget again, and you will continue playing.

but when you think of it again, then you lose again and you have to tell people again.
dipperwell Damn, I lost.

I've been playing for a couple years now.
dipperwell My sister had an interesting and accidental variation: she began to associate someone saying "Dammit!" with losing the game. So now whenever someone says "Dammit!" she loses. But she has to explain to the people why "Dammit!" reminds her of losing, so they associate "Dammit!" with losing too. 060829
silentbob when people say "I just" it makes me lose the game.

Also Abraham Lincoln.
clek I LOST 071108
misstree i got a message
on a dating site
(scoff if you wish,
but i'm the one
with the interesting dinner dates)
and i got a message
from a girlwoman,
23, that illustrious age,
surreally beautiful, captivating even,
and with a profile that dripped
too much confidence and intelligence
for me to even smirk at.

she said she was the popular girl,
the one everyone wants,
and somehow i believe it.

i normally hate girls like her.

she said that the site was good at
finding the kind of girl she liked to hurt,
that i was a perfect case in point,
and wanted to know
if i would enjoy having her hurt me.

the answer is

i'm stunned to stuttering
and no matter what unfurls from here,
she has won the game
and already i love and hate her for it.
jane what happens if you lose the game and nobody's around?

for example, last night i lost the game while working on the blather_red_book, and the only person around was the dog.
Blue See how it goes, Sis, and if it goes well, I would love pictures. 071109
minnesota_chris jerk 071109
Blue Jerk like, carribean jerk at BWWs? Or a harsh tug on an object or person?

OOooohhhh....wait...I think I get it...

You mean ASSHOLE jerk...


You don't know so I'm not going to tell you. You must have a whole library of books you've only read the cover too.
ha ha yeah! PINK UH UH, if you don't understand the back cover then just read the last two pages, simple. unless you want to be a walking bookhead. 071109
Blue Is that like those kids in the commercial who eat the fruit candy and end up being mutated into these weird fruit headed people?

ould I have to eat the book, or just read it to get a novel for a noggin?
Somebody that I used to know But i don't know who won. 071117
thistooshallpass I like saying "I just lost the game" at odd moments. Like when my friends are arguing about a movie or book that I know nothing about, I'll interupt and say it. Or if there is a break in the conversation no matter what the topic. I think about the game too much. Can we ever win? Can we quit the game? Can we cheat? Does it matter? Is it true that the game is really an alien plot meant to stop us from thinking about anything worthwile????
Perhaps the only thing about the game that I know for sure is that I can annoy people pretty easily by mentioning it.

By the way.... I just lost the game.
lunatic jesus I've only lost the game once. Dad says, one day, I have to lose again.

You guys suck.
. we've_gotta_talk 100116
silentbob Other triggers I have include whenever I or anyone I'm with is having trouble remembering something, struggling, stuttering, what I usually think of instead of the thing i want to think of is the_game 100122
me after a few excruciating years of playing the game, stemming from an inevitable question "what are you on about?" when some friends lost in a pub, I changed the rules. Now every time I think of the game, I win :) 100124
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