jete I've stopped breathing
just for a momment,
just to feel the calm
in breathlessness,
to hear the sound of blood
pumping through my veins
the silence between
comforts me.
Kate Fletcher breathlessness is when he touches you, and your stomach does somersaults, and your skin tingles, and and then you look into his eyes, and he tells you that he loves you. 010328
pleasedrivefaster you suck the life out of me and breathe it back in my face and i choke on what you're sending in my direction 010328
paste! nothing gets me off so completely
than when you put it down
ten feet down in the ground.
Annie111 You got this little thing that I can't take.
You got me hook line and sinker.
I thought it wasn't for real, I thought it was a joke.
I was wrong.
phil falling on the ground
crushing my air out of my body
with my own fist
laying on the mat
flashes of color, the blue of the mat, the white lights, the people moving, my own eyes...that sucked.
blown cherry occurs when I forget to breathe.
Hasn't happened for a while though.
Used to happen a lot.
Used to happen when I was around you.
silent storm I wish she were here.
Even though she's not, she still leaves me breathless.
My thoughts of her
Thoughts of being with her
Imagining how it would feel to hold her hand, her fingers between mine
Or how it would be to hold her, to wrap my arms around her and whisper

I love you.

It leaves me breathless.
unhinged it choked me. 'frank told me that night after you left that he thinks that you were made at me. are you mad at me?' everything stopped for a second. my heart, my lungs, my brain. i shook my head because i didn't trust my voice to lie for me. but i guess technically it wasn't a lie after all because mad isn't quite the word. heartbroken, tired, collapsed, used...those are better words for how i feel. but you know when i look at you, all those things are just refracted. 020319
Syrope i forget to breathe when im in your arms, i want to concentrate on each inch of you against me, and i want more contact...then when i inhale sharply or am out of breath, you pull away and look at me like you hurt me, and i almost laugh. maybe one day i'll explain it to you... 020319
bethany the first few notes of an elliot smith song
you lean back hands outstretched sacrificing yourself to the world that will appear on your eyelids
a feild
with pretty ambiguous stone art lying around but there he is
and you two effortlessly run
glide to each other
the words remind you of something you'd like him to say
he says it and the grass glistens as it is moved by how romantic he just was
then the chorus comes back
and you reslise it's not your song
it's not you
the ceiling has a dim shadow of a picture you'd like to be in
you wonder why you're leaning so far back in your seat
and put another song on
yea you overdose on heroin to paralyze your lungs 041103
unhinged i have to remind myself to exhale. it is a strange hitch that has developed, an involuntary reflex failing.

my anxiety is a weight on my chest
what's it to you?
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