ClairE Say it loud, say it proud!

I have them, and I like them!

(That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)
Aimee i wouldn't say their big, but they're a healthy 36c and I'm happy with them... most of the time 011129
shiva gross. 011130
Inanna If they are bigger than your head...
that is gross. Sometimes I wonder why a 4'11 girl would wnat to get FF implants. Sometimes implants pop like a balloon. I felt sorry for the girl when they did. She was originally a AA.
Now she looks like a pornographic cartoon character.

I am 36C-24-36 and 5'9". I guess that would be small compared to fake boobs but at least mine are real. I think that height plays a factor in how big your boobs are perceived. It is all in
the proprortions in how big they actually look.
ClairE Mine aren't gross. They are just large. 011202
ClairE Where's the blather_love for the big breasts?

oren I've always been attracted to big_breasts. At least, as far back as I can remember.

If their shape is right, they enhance my sexual experience twofold.

I consider them one of God's nicer ideas.
silentbob i dont beleive any of you have large breasts. i suppose you'll just have to send pictures as proof.

Effingham Fish Lying in bed, the clock I did not have not showing an hour that some would call 'ungodly', reading a bare bones, orange-covered copy of the Illuminatus! trilogy way back when I still thought Robert Anton Wilson was hot shit and not an overrated, pompous, cynical old fuck. Just about to drift off to sleep, when suddenly I get to the end of one of the many gratuitous sex scenes, where some naked Asian chick with big hooters leans over this guy, and he looks down and something to the effect of "Bland Faceless Hero #3 looked down and suddenly realized why men from every culture on earth universally found large breasts attractive" was written, but no further explanation was given. My mind, feeling quite giddy from sleep deprivation, decided that just would NOT do, and set about trying to figure the problem out. I read and re-read the passage and those around it for context, put the book down numerous times and tried to envision the scene from every point of view, wandering in logical circles for uncounted minutehours, until I finally found the answer. Content, I put the book away and slept, until I woke up the next afternoon and realized I couldn't bloody remember what the reason was. Thinking about it still frustrates me. 011211
( o Y o ) They're warm.
They're soft.
They're responsive.
They're enjoyable to watch as they bounce, wiggle, jiggle, and roll.
cube i just found out that small breasts work just as well at feeding a baby as large breasts. i don't know why i should be surprised at that but, i am.

millions of years of evolution have conditioned me to view big breasted women as more desirable and i always assumed it must be because they would make better breeders.

now i have to come to grips with the truth of it - the desirablity of big breasts is all inside my head. or maybe on my head, er, how about in my face...
bloody potato chip i too need pictures in order to give any definitive statement on this matter. 011215
Caroline 452 This is NOT a universal aesthetic.
The Brazilian aesthetic is small breasts and BIG BUTTS.
They like big butts and they cannot lie... etc.

unhinged several men have commented on how mine are just right. who am i to argue with a proven hypothesis? 090301
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