Brad No offense, but I think for some reason that I liked the name "birdmad" better. Actually, my favorite was the one-shot (yard)birdmad 000601
quetzalcoatl DCLXVI Sorry, man.

in true schizoid fashion, birdmad is not answering or accepting any calls.

birdmad died waiting for an answer that never came.


the silence ached like cold knives in his back, and as he sat there, buried in piles of unsent letters, half-read books, half-written poems and empty bottles, he drifted off to a fitful, but dreamless sleep.

when he awoke the next afternoon, he realized that in spite of the monstrous quantity of liquor he had consumed the night before, he was neither hung over nor drunk. The heaviness he felt hanging over him like some great black cloud from some overwrought 1930's monster movie had vanished. More specifically, he had assimilated it and made it a part of himself.

He felt as he had not felt in years. A creeping undercurrent of malice that slithered around beneath his skin and the urge to be as much of a rotten prick as he could possibly he had been in his younger angst-ridden days.

He stepped off into the night to find someone who he had not seen since before he had given Samantha tacit permission to leave his heart looking a lot like the fate that befalls a slow armadillo on a south Texas highway

and as the gorgeous red witch
drew the blade down his chest in intricate patterns and symbols
as she had done seemingly ages before

the last drops of what was once a strange birdmad man, bled out of the body, making way for feather and scales and venom and teeth.

then, in the midst of the afterglow,
she kicked me out too
said i seemed different

yeah, baby
you don't know the half of it.
WingedSerpent it would take a miracle to bring that poor dumb bastard back 000601
The Schleiffen Man It wouldn't take a miracle, it' just take some time..... time cures all. Somethings are better cured someways, but time will get them all in the end. 000601
oldephebe geez qD, or wingedSerpent, birdmad whoever you are..that was amazing..loved the imagery, for a minute there it felt as if someone were writing my innermost thoughts in blue damn you people can write...
Dafremen Pisces people and alcohol..the ever toxic combination of alcohol and empathy. 031019
satan satan satan Yeah...alcohol... too bad i can barely touch the stuff anymore.

unfortunately, the second encounter with the lovely red witch was nothing more than a figment of my imagination, a hint from my subconscious that i didn't have the wisdom to take, in truth i've not seen her since just before the whole Sam debacle began

i suppose it's been a fair mixture of decision and happenstance that has seen me trade alcohol and illicit substances, dangerous living and totally wanton behaviour for caffeine, insulin, the occasional sugar binge and an ostensible hermitage.

can't go back to what was, not digging what is, trying to figure out what's next
x i would recommend a sprint and jump(fly) but that hasn't gotten me anywhere i guess 031020
x (x)cept braindamage 031020
Death of a Rose I am in tacit agreement with wingedserpent.

ps, brother blatherite serpent.

you are amazing, fellow blatherite.
wingedSerpent/birdmad you're not bad either... and from what the way it reads, it sounds like we've covered a few different variations of the same ground too.

Mister Brightside sprint, jump, and fly, huh?

a+b+c= a_bird_falling_out_of_the_sky
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