typhoid when the serpent stares into the abyss, no monkey looks back. 000106
amy thank you. that makes sense to me. 000106
a sometimes u r the serpent and sometimes u r the tree 000313
demitria monde thraam the serpent was made into a symbol of evil by the jews/christians because it was exactly the opposite in most of the pagan religions. it symbolises the kundalini power - the nerve centers and lines that run down from your brain to the area behind your genitals and are long and tapered like a snake (your coccyx is its tail)

Truly intense and powerful sex involves the mind, not just slapping bodies. The snake stands for sex as magic and intensity. It behooved the early monotheists to condemn the serpent, to condemn it as the tempter, since in tantric sex, there is no "Law" requiring marriage or requiring that the goal of the sex be to procreate. Kundalini is that which unites the mind and body in pleasure. For some reason the Judeochristians felt and sometimes still do feel that this energy is an affront to God. I ask them, if this is so, then why did God put it there?

And if God didn't want his pet clay Caretakers of Eden to not "eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil", why would "He" put it there in Eden in free reach? He just wanted to play games with Adam and Eve it seems. He wanted to test them. See if they'd be good obedient little children. I think that "God" was doing the tempting here, not the Serpent.

The serpent was just doing a GOOD thing...trying to protect Eve from the lie of the game The LORD was playing on her and her unwitting husband.

And forever afterwards, the Serpent has refused the final curse of "the LORD". Crawls on his belly? Yeah. Eats dust? Nope. Never knew of a snake that ate dust. Rats, mice, lizards, other snakes, yeah. But the Serpent's too smart to fall for God's little games.

PS: Just because the Devil was called "that old serpent" in Revelations doesn't mean that the serpent in the tree in Eden was ALSO Satan. Nowhere in Genesis does it even mention the serpent equating with The Devil.

The Serpent just wanted humankind to know good from evil, right from wrong. to undrstand consequences and take responsibility for ones' actions.

Remember that, Daughter of Eve, before you crush the head of the Serpent that wants only to enlighten you.

The Tree of Knowledge is the entheogen.
The Serpent that coils around it is your most magic self.

WingedSerpent if you really red things, you find that satan and the devil are not considered the same being until the new testament

in the book of Job, Satan does what he does with God's full complicity

in that case, Satan was, effectively, an agent of God

i think somebody got their hebrew to greek translation mixed up some 1930 years ago or so
Alexander Beetle I'm sorry, but I will not
accept "subtil" as a word.
Inanna You can let your dragon devour you.
Or you can hop on it for a ride.
I love dragons, and I was born in the chinese horoscope year of the dragon. You must first love yourslef before you can truly love anyone else. There is a differnce betwwen loving yourself and obsessive love of yourself called vanity. I love my family more than myself.
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