Farool I don't know. I really really don't know. are there three? Homo, hetero, or bi? i feel like it's deeper than that. At least... I think there is. Then there's the trasgendered. Transvestites are crossdressers. Then there are transexuals. I'm not sure where the line is drawn. But I'm really fucked up. There's a bit of everything in me. I'm a male, but I might be a girl... Meaning I've taken several tests to see if I'm a transvestite or whatever, and several of them point to my brain having a different gender then my body. Making me a transvestite. I fit the criteria, I do enjoy crossdressing, but there's logic behind that. You see, I want to be a girl. Not constantly, but way more often than not. Like, ninety percent of the time. At least. But I'm attracted to girls, even when I cross dress, ESPECIALLY when I cross dress. I don't quite understand it myself... But this might mean that I secretly want to be a lesbian... I really don't know. Because I'm still attracted to guys when I cross dress. By the way, I'm a guy. So I'm attracted to guys and chicks, either way... More attracted to girls both ways, which makes me bi, slightly hetero when I don't cross dress; and homo slightly bi when I am cross dressing... 'Cause I feel like two different people. And the cross dressing is much more comfortable. So, either way I like girls more than guys, but I definately like both. So if I'm bi then why would it matter what gender I am? I definately wish that I was a girl, and in love with a girl. That's the ideal situation. And when I say girl, I mean girl. Not cross dressing. So until I get the bajillion dollar surgery, which will prolly never happen given that my parents are slightly homophobic, my best bet is to find a girl that likes me when I cross dress. So I don't know what you would call this ideal girl. Homosexual because I wish and try to be a woman? Heterosexual because I'm a dude? Bisexual because of a combination of both? Either way, finding someone that's just like that isn't gonna happen. I also really like cross dressers myself, whether they're dudes or chicks. Naturally, I prefer either a dude like a chick or a chick like a dude, or a dude like a chick, or a dude. So what the hell does this make me? The more I type this the more I'm not sure that this is even about orientation, but maybe something much more deep, maybe some psychosis... Or something. Or something. I have no fucking idea. All I know is that this is really weird. Really really fucking weird. Anyone who knows anyone about this, say something. 060824
superleni dude. don't listen to me, get professional advice ... but i can share some ideas. i think there are seven sexes, not just two (male female). there are different genetic combos like xxy and stuff, so maybe find out more about the genetics of sex. i dont think tits make a woman and a cock makes a man, i think it's how you feel that matters.

a crossdresser is a transvestite.
a transexual has medically changed their physical body to another sex. whereas 'gender' is a social understanding of what a woman/man does/is. i think transgender means you live as a woman, though you were born with a penis.

but i'm sure there'd be a GLBT counselling hotline that you can access and they should be able to explain this better than me, and put you in touch with other people who feel similar - or google 'glbt couselling'.

thing is, i don't know if anyone fits the labels. can be difficult, cause they are a ready-made identity. don't stress out over labels. try to discover and love who you are, and find someone special. the person is what matters, not their sex.
emmi in some cultures there are 3 sexes/genders, 3 different norms... say the brazilian "travesti"... the albanian women who become men... and the hetero/homo division is also far from universal, though that's how we see it in the west. so don't think of it as an ultimate truth, i guess that's what i'm saying. there are loads of possibilities out there and i think we could do with a step toward being more open minded... all these labels we grow up trying to fit into, they are just that- labels... not some inner state, "orientation"... as we are led to believe. 060825
LS OH, why dont we just experiment until we find an answer we like? Its not like we'd recognize the truth if we saw it. 060825
. i love it! all that wandering in the woods having to find your way from one point to another. It's great fun! 060825
LS How about, instead of "I like guys" a person could try "I like THIS guy." or instead of "I only sleep with chicks" how about "I only sleep with THIS chick".

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