daf To whom it may soon concern:

I am tired. We have borne the burden of your excess for too long now. How is it that you justify our continued support of you and your kind?

We ask for a true leader every 4 years, and every 4 years you give us liars and cowards with no redeeming qualities other than their "social" history. From where I stand, that only means the winners of your ludicrous contest must have been very good at not getting caught, or are very inexperienced in the ways of this country; having isolated themselves from the realities of it's freest, but often more tragic aspects.

We don't need people like that to lead us. Why? So that we can continue to be imposed upon by unrealistic regulations and poorly formed conclusions that lead to even poorer "solutions?" Or perhaps you think that we really need another person who can hide their connection to the shaft they are burying in us?

What happened to REAL leaders anyhow? What happened to those noble, selfless souls that thought only of their people? What happened to the brave, fearless hearts that led from the front...not from back behind the lines? What happened to those great ones who instilled in us a sense of pride; who taught and showed us how important our common effort was, by their own willingness to suffer the pains that they would have us march into? Always them first..leading us into that fire..bringing us through it..a more tempered people..

Where are they now? What you offer us isn't even close. It is all of the privilege and none of the sacrifice. It is all of the power, and none of the courage. It is all a sense of entitlement and no real sense of responsibility or duty.

You are empty cowards..and I would rather see a random political lottery than to continue with this circus you call a political process. I'm very certain that random odds would lean much more in our favor than the chances we currently entertain of finding a leader among liars and thieves.

Perhaps you'll call my condemnations harsh. Fine, I'm willing to live with that. What do you call an entire class of people who make their living off of human misery, tragedy and strife?

Divorce, accidents, disputes, violent acts, controversy..these are your bread and butter. What interest do you have in solving ANY of our problems? What interest do you have in doing anything except creating more regulations and more perturbed, tragedy-prone people?

None that I can see. And I've thought about it very thoroughly. You have a limited time in office, then you're back to being what you were, a career scheister. Why should you care about doing anything but furthering your own stupid, selfish goals? You've got a mortgage to cover and people who got you to your position. They need to be taken care of first..priorities are priorities after all, and you'll still be dealing with them long after you're no longer in office.

Again..what's your incentive to do anything to make our lives better? Please don't say, polls.. If one poll doesn't cast you in an appropriate light, you switch to another. It's all the same to you. Truth matters not one whit..what matters is achieving your own personal ambitions. Perceptions are reality to you.

You're no leaders.

True leaders would die for us. True leaders would starve for us..with us. True leaders would lead from the front...because that's where you lead from. Not back behind some pompous bunker walls, pressing buttons and barking orders drenched in blood and pain.

The tension is building, and people are beginning to focus their outrage in the right direction. You have very little time now before the free ride is over for you mongrels; you pretenders to the throne. May God have mercy on your souls for showing none.
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