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i should be content
to give them the love they need
i should be content
i should be content
their contentedness making me content
i should be content

but i am not so realized
what about the love i need?
f why don't you go outside and scream

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's best not to be attached unless you know he's the one 061123
unhinged i am well aware of the dangers of attachment; i have been blatheing about it for years....

attachment is the number one cause of misery and suffering
pete attachment is hard to get rid of, easier to ignore. but to not attach is to run the risk of never attaching. i'd rather struggle through these processis of decoupling than to have never opened up at all. 061124
pete rather mechanical, that metaphor no? 061124
the awful truth i had a dream that you and me were on the spanish steps
where in my adolescence on these steps smoked cigarettes
before a setting sun of orange red and gold and
i captured it on film and put the photo in the folds of

my black notebooks
i keep my heart
i spill it nightly
and sometimes
rip it apart
and sometimes
crumple and crease and
even burn
leave it on the shelf for years
and wait for it to turn

my black notebooks that i hold close to me
well i dont know if its sanity or insecurity
does the writer write to spill passion to a page
or does he write to talk to himself
He's so lonely he can't think
does he keep notebooks black on shelves
for referencing
or is it
that one final push you need for fully deciding

jump out the door
of that
moving truck
we are
on the highway and i'm
feeling stuck
i've been reading all of
my black notebooks
i keep my heart
i'm going nowhere.

here's one
lesson in attachment
if i can relate:
you put pensieve thoughts in written sieves
and then you think you're safe
but these thoughts are fleeting
and you can't even
think you'll tie them down
because they'll never stay,
you look back in years,
i swear you'll never figure how

you EVER thought the way you did,
your naivety has plummeted,
or so you say,
when reading back,
this kid is green; a child;

So this lesson in attachment
If I can
Sit and think
Don't stay up too late

Save some time for dreams
They're all that you got
They're a glimpse inside your soul
and they'll be gone, for sure,
when you wake up.
pete its more worrying that it seems like ive lost my best friend than ive lost my girlfriend. the only combining factor is that they were one and the same. 061125
u24 1) compose your email
2) Click 'file'
3) Click 'attach'
4) Choose the file you wish to attach
5) Click 'save'
6) Send the email.

bad joke, sorry.
pete perhaps i'm not losing my bestfriend. i just have to get used to different ways of saying hello and goodbye. especially goodbye. the lack of a kiss hit me hollow. 061126
unhinged i avoid any and all attachment now
i am not very successful in my avoidance
what's it to you?
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