Jenna You must understand, the magic of it has been stripped away for me.

It's all spending money I don't have, on people that work to make my life hell anyway (read: my family).

It's leaving a city I love to return to one that I hate. It's not good to be "home". It sucks.

It's being lonely all the time, all my friends are too busy for me.

It's wanting to cry a lot and not being able to.
Grievance you remind me of someone I know named jeni, in this aspect at least.

i'll share the same advice. Know the purpose of the season in the hearts of people. Share that with the ones you do care about.
Casey i have no money left, i bought christmas present for people. Even though I didn't get any form any one,I dont really care. And what's with this no snow crap?! Granted I dislike snow, but it's still needed 011221
cube There is a purpose to Christmas. Everybody is so broke that they work their collective asses off come January - makes for a shorter winter
kerry i too resent christmas. something about spending so much money on people i don't really know or care about and then looking in my wallet to find it completely empty is somewhat unsettling. and then there is the fact that my family always goes over to my rich aunt and uncle's mansion to spend christmas morning and afternoon; we always feel poor.
last christmas eve that we spent with them, my parents were given a check for $1,200 from them so that we could both remodel our kitchen and go to the beach over the summer. it was embarrassing, regardless that my aunt meant it in a generous way, and my mother spent chrismtas eve sobbing in the kitchen and holding hands with my 30 year-old cousin, who has down's syndrome and didn't really know what was going on.
i hate christmas.
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Flowers from Safeway I can't think of anything that's dumber
To a grouch, Christmas is a bummer!

Beaming faces everywhere, happiness is in the air
I'm telling you, it isn't fair!
I hate Christmas!

People loaded with good will, giving presents, what a thrill
That slushy nonsense makes me ill
I hate Christmas!

I'd rather have a holiday like normal grouches do
Instead of getting presents, they take presents back from you
Heh heh

Here comes Santa, girls and boys
So, who needs that big red noise!
I'll tell him where to put his toys
I hate Christmas!

And if you want the truth, I ain't so crazy about Thanksgiving or Labor Day either!

Christmas carols to be sung, decorations to be hung
Oh, yeah? Well, I stick out my tongue!
I hate Christmas!

Christmas bells play loud and strong
Hurts my ears, all that ding dong
Besides it goes on much too long
I hate Christmas!

I'd rather have a holiday with a lot less joy and flash
With a lot less cheerful smiling, and a lot more dirty trash, yeah!

Christmas Day is almost here
When it's over, then I cheer
I'm glad it's only once a year
I hate Christmas!
-oscar the grouch
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