silentbob so very very strange.
i didn't know charles darwin was a racist asshole. why didn't someone tell me? this doesn't change my ideas of evolution or natural selection, but it makes me think lesser of him. it says the whole reason he wanted to find out this information at all was to show that the white man was superior to the "negroid." How absurd.
The fact that chuck was nuts doesn't really decide the truth or falsity of evolution, because all the evidence he DIDN'T do still stands as well as the fact that charlie wasn't the first one to think of evolution in the first place.
and i still don't believe he claimed to disbelieve evolution on his deathbed. that's just something they tell kids to make them believe in creationism.
too many holes in that story. some said he told his daughter, some said he confessed to a friend who printed it in some book. bullshit.

but christ. sounds like he was a real prick, tho.
Megan Don't EVER read Darwin's autobiography...... I did it in 8th grade.... yes, I know, I was an ambitious little thing. It was SO dry and he was SO full of himself, I barely finished it.. I don't even know why I did taht.... it's not like I revere the guy or anything.... but christ if I ever knew him.... he'd never have had the chance to procreate. 001224
silentbob are you saying not to read it cuz its a sucky book? or because what he says is lunacy? because if its the latter, maybe its important to read it so you know what kind of guy he was and then can see where he was coming from and then decide if you think he was right or not 001224
silentbob "But I suppose you are all too overwhelmed with the public affairs to are for science. I never knew the newspapers so profoundly interesting. N. America does not do England Justice: I have not seen or heard of a soul who is not with the North. Some few, & I am one, even and wish to God, though at the loss of millions of lives, that the North would proclaim a crusade against Slavery. In the long run, a million horrid deaths would be amply repaid in the cause of humanity. What wonderful times we live in. Massachusetts seems to show noble enthusiasm. Great God how I should like to see the greatest curse on Earth Slavery abolished. " -- Charles Darwin to Asa Gray (June 5, 1861) The Correspondence of Charles Darwin Vol. 9 1861 (1994), p.163

ok, maybe he wasnt an asshole. so by today's standards he was probably racist but in the run of things...maybe he wasn't on the Big Fat Prick list. maybe he was full of himself, like megan says. in fact, he probably was. i think i was reading some defamatory speech or something, not really accurate.. this is an example of why you should always get a second opinion when you question things.
Miner I would just like to add, that back in the times of Darwin, most people, even those who were against slavery still didnít agree with complete equality, at least not from what Iíve read.

Also was Darwin really anymore full of himself than other people who think they have achieved something special. Oasis for instance were so up their own ass with all the fame they had got, they even said to the press they could spend 5 years making an album full of any old crap and still sell millions of copies.

Fame and overly high belief in your abilities, at least what you think are your abilities can often do very strange things with your mind.
kx21 A master of Q_As... 010513
kx21 The father of evolution

One of the most respected and most reviled figures in history.

His theory:-

Life on earth is simply the result of billions of years of adaptations to changing environments.

What this theory implied, and what Darwin stated more clearly in his book The Descent of Man, is that humans, like every other organism on earth, were the result of evolution...

Is this theory part of God's Grand Plans for Life on Earth?
darwin is your god he killed the existance of god, plain and simple. everything he said made since, he had evidence. the only evidence everyone else had was the bible, let me go bury a book, let some poor helpless shmuck go pick it up and run his life by it 030216
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