unhinged she's a bitch. i feel the need to blather about this because i'm stuck in a situation where i can't go off on her. she plays the viola where i go to school and she was dating one of my friends, ian, who plays the violin until quite recently. but when i came here last year as a freshman, they were broken up and ian came to me when he was upset and she got very jealous. she is convinced that some day me and ian will fall in love. ian has tried to reassure her that that will never happen and me and ian have come to the agreement that that will never happen. me and ian know too much about each other to ever fall in love. there has to be some element of mystery i think. but me and ian is a different story. ever since she got this idea into her head, she has been a complete bitch to me. smug looks, sly comments, lies, turning other people against me. and that pisses me off. i never did anything to her. she just made up all these things in her head that she is convinced are true. it's been going on almost ever since i started going to school here a year and a half ago and it has come to a head recently. i want to kick her in the face but she is a favorite of our prof and i don't want to fall out of his graces because of her ignorance and stupidity. so....i just get pushed to the edge and back up once i realize with my own smug satisfaction that she will never have a career playing the viola. you can't be as apathetic and static as she is and have a career in music. i know what i'm in college for. that's all that matters i guess. 010207
scarlett Hey beautiful,
I am on my way,
I will miss your smile,
Each and every day,
I hope you will visit,
Maybe via the train,
If nothing else,
Then the astral plane,
We could do all that stuff,
On which tourists thrive,
I'll have my license,
Then I will drive,
Us both around,
So we will have time,
To reanalyze,
If moving's a crime.
absent but still present she came all the way to milwaukee just to fuck him which was made evident when in a drunken stupor, maura pulled condoms out of his desk drawer. ick. double ick. that seriously makes me sick. 010726
ClairE Christina doesn't like to be called:

Only Sti, or Stina, sometimes.

So we call her Sti.

She likes to say confuddled,
just like whoknows.

Annie111 Is so spritely. She is just the right height for me to rest my elbow on her shoulder. It works quite well, our friendship.

One day, I hope Sti is president. She could do a lot for the world.
ClairE President is capitalized, dude!

This is America!
ClairE Today I saw a girl exactly the same size as Christina. It seemed like the right one to be. 011129
unhinged fuckit 011129
nomatter everyone tells me i look like christina ricci
I get wednesday adams a lot too.
it's beginning to disturb me.
unhinged and we ended up having fun and hanging out together after they broke up for good.

'you know i had a lot of fun with you and natalie yesterday. we should hang out more often.'

we could have been hanging out from the very beginning....
kookaburra is beautiful 040921
what's it to you?
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