I'm new. sometimes I feelike I'm over using thisite. I like it! but am I irritating the locals? sorry if I am.
unhinged blather_is_blather

blathe away little one. most of the ancients around here are slumbering
flowerock I wish they'd wake up then! I am coming to love this place, words leading to words and more words. I guess I am a little like a child here... I'll try not to drool on everything. 140202
silentbob I am curious how you found blather? I feel like when the community was more active they were sharing it a lot. But now it doesn't come up on google randomly and the dream network webring isn't so much a thing.
Also have you seen red yet?
flowerock My boyfriend is hsg on blather and the small description of it he gave intrigued me, so I checked it out, and checked it out again... and finally gave it a try. Turns out I like it :) I have seen the different colored blathers, but I am not sure how or why. dream network webring? 140203
I've been enjoying your words.

I found this place through my
love as well.
I don't post a lot. Although I love reading and have so often been inspired
by thoughts and feelings here.
There's a very special vibe here I haven't
seen anywhere else.
There's no pretense it seems....just bare
and real. I love that.

I guess I think of blather as
his 'space' and I feel
respectful of that and so keep a somewhat distance.
Although he thinks that's silly
of me to feel that way.
Maybe it is. I'm just funny
that way.
Cherish. Honor.

Anyway, rock on, flowerock.

linkage red_blather / blather_red
is a whole separate place
and newdream
used to create all kinds of interesting internet things
though most / all of those things
seem to be gone now
only blather remains
newdream became dreamhost
and the old
is now only accessible as snapshots
via the wayback_machine:
flowerock I am excited to explore these extensions of the blue. I am enjoying my explorations here. I think that facebook ate the internet and then took a shit on all of us. Places like this give me hope for the digital world. It does seem like there used to be more people participating here. I would tell all my friends to get off facebook and onto here, but then what would become of this place? would it maintain its blue soul or get commercialized? 140204
meta meta 140204
linkage while you're exploring,
a few detours you might find interesting

formatting fun:


an entire novel birdmad wrote on blather:


the maze dannyh made:


an epic collaborative story on red:
flowerock best to blather only when mostly sober, right? on the "recent" page I couldn't find the words under "today" because I thought they were names next to words on a blathe. I finally figured it out and laughed while forgetting that I was cooking a snack on the stove... so I'll stop abusing_blather now. 140217
flowerock I changed my mind. blather is a great place for any state of mind. 140217
oren Welcome, flowerock.

Blather_to_me is_a playground where I_can frolic through words, unabashedly.

I_am a logophile.
flowerock mmmm words. 140217
jane welcome_to_blather

the ancients request another nap

oh, we're getting old and tired
but never of words.
flowerock I feelike I abuse this place, indirectly, when I don't think my words through, or check my spelling ect... sorry blather! and thanks for not complaining about my complaining ; ) 140628
jane you_will_learn so_quickly how beautiful it is that blather_is_blather 140707
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