me That is my name...
I hope one day Josh you come here and see that I have wrote of true feelings for you in many different places.. I do love you. I just wish I could crush that into your eyes...... SO you could see it too.....
badboy such a pretty name too 010924
Ben Weasel she always has something to say to ruin an otherwise fine day she always tries to start a fight
she doesn't like the way i think she don't understand why i must drink
to go out on friday night she asks "when is the wedding"
and i'm gettin ready
to yank out the net and push

veronica doesn't like the way i dress
(veronica hates me)
veronica thinks my hair is such a mess
(veronica hates me)
Veronica I don't hate you.. It is you who hates yourself. 010926
shine Cool 010928
Annie111 One of your ex-best friends wrote this poem about you once:

"bruise violet"
You got this thing that really makes me hot
You got a lot and more when you get caught
You got this thing that follows me around
You fucking bitch I hope your insides rot
You see the stars through eyes lit up with lies
You've got your stories all twisted up in mine
You were born with glue instead of spine
Of this I say tied to a string...

I imagined it sung to a Hole tune, and I agreed with most of it, because then I was so angry at you that i couldn't look for anything else.

Now we are worked out, at where we want to be. you are unique, and difficult, but i admire that, and we have our old jokes and we make fun of elijah. you were and probably always will be a good friend of mine.

I'm glad the anger has gone.
ClairE ...Elvis_Costello.

Veronica doesn't like her name.

I'm glad we are friends again. Never trust second-hand information. Or at least, all with a grain_of_salt.

me Hi again 011203
sphinxradio she doesn't know if she's missing out or keeping herself from getting hurt.

watches me, and i take it for granted.
Arwen She was one of my best friends. I called her Ronnie. We started to drift apart after she went to college. I helped her hook up with a really sweet guy and he and I became close friends. We stuck together through everything. She cheated on him repeatedly and he came to me in tears each time. After a while I started to fall for him and him for me, but we had to ignore it, so she wouldn't get hurt. Last I heard her total number of people she slept with had topped 75 and was rising. 020108
veronica wonderful 020624
Sailor Jupiter I LOVE the name Veronica. I'm a big fan of V names. =)
Veronica wiped the sweat and dirt off face of Jesus as he marched to his death on Calvary.
cheer-up-emo-kid veronica vaughn.
sooo hot.
want to tough the hiney.

I have a crush on billy madison.
cheer-up-emo-kid ok that was supposed to say touch. 020719
lunatic jesus Veronica sits in her favorite chair. She sits very quiet and still. They call her a name that they never get right, and if they don't then nobody else will.

Is it all in the pretty little head of yours?
oren She_was 18, I_was 17. It_was unbelievable. 080725
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