Thyartshallshant yea, thats it, uh huh, suuuuure. 010104
altzero it's right between the message and the thought always hovering close and far and humming lightly like open bottles criss-crossed by breezes. You're, um, late again. Um, will you pass the beans? The world is, um, every second spinning further and further from the control of the sun. Um, someday we're going to be in another galaxy. It'll, um, be all right.... 010221
Dafremen It's the incessant buzzing of a brain that can't seem to think in silence. I find it useful when I do it, but annoying when others do it. What a hypocrite huh?

Of course it beats the hell out of those people that laugh when they're arguing with you because they can't think of anything to say back to you and you're pissing them off.
. : * p s y b o r g * : . It's okay to say this word sometimes, but my dad abuses the privilege. That and uh. He says them every other word. It's so annoying. 011026
sotto voce i start explaining a half-baked thought sometimes, and halfway through its verbal articulation, i get so disinterested in what i'm talking about that i get a little stuck and then all i want to do is speed up, add a few more bullshit words in between the ums and the uhs just so i can get through a complete sentence and be over with it. then i vow never to share my stupid thoughts ever again, but i do anyway. 020320
werewolf my mantra, it goes in a couple directions, it's a plead for time, it's a tightening as the excitement mounts when you know you're going to say something stunningly correct and you throw it's ineloquence out there for contrast, to set up the coup. Sometimes it's panic. It's always loud, you're not just telling yourself, you're asking yourself, and answering yourself. All with the same word. It is it's own triclectic trialogue. how can i know i have nothing to say untill i try and hear that humming noise, like the humming noise a vending machine makes while searching for your soda. Sometimes it finds it. Other times it flashes red and asks for your forgiveness...sadly returns to you your two cents...admits itself a failed investment. i'm reading a bit into this vending machine...but still...what makes us so eloquent if we're always saying um....hey now...some of humanity's greatest thoughts were likely preceeded by this word...okay...i seem to be taking offense to what i'm saying...ummm...i'll get back to you when my umms slow me down to clarity. 020320
Coldmeshach I'm watching genius's scream behind dancing influence and I wonder how many others can see the children falling off balconies. Am I just going to trap myself behind a poster? Is my dream to find myself printed on the skin of the place we say we love? Am I going to be the nazi screaming behind a long hall of green gas: "Forget about the rainbows in all of your hearts!!!" telling the whole world to marvel at my unique structure instead? My soul will become a word in a game of telephone called "The History of Pop Culture". Will I build Pyramids in my pocket while I rape Cleopatra? She was just as good as I would be, that scamming Bitch.

If I ever become this, when I even pause and say "um", recognize my vanity, and remind me of what I have just wrote.
EAITAR What does Impo say? See what he says and tell me again and again and again or something.EAITAR. 021218
strychnine queen oh darling. 040116
infectiousbunnie Um is flowing and elegant when use properly.

But when it is used too much, it becomes annoying
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