Emma i hate this word. life is not tragic. ever. nor is death. get the fuck over yourselves and deal with it. 981011
thenestor You go girl. 981231
mathias perhaps the only tragedy is to believe in tragedy

(parenthetically, read william james)

no tragedy, only will to life
me? Tragic bells are ringing for me
Tragic bells are ringing in my ear again
And I don't know why I'm going on
sad ...i miss her
cant sleep,never eat
rose " Just go sit in the corner and be tragic." 000222
BoofPixie it is tragic that my last name means "lacking." and tragedy can put on its black eyeliner and beat off in the corner. 000309
angela "welcome to the tragic kingdom. cornfields of popcorn have yet to spring open." 000331
Silentbob I used to see my situation as tragic. Hopeless_romantic. Always on the lookout for a soulmate or 2. And now the only tragedy i see, besides perhaps the fact that i am happy now to be killed, is the fact that she lives an hour away. how tragic. how fucking melodramatic.
i miss her. badly.
moonshine This heats making me want to vomit. I bet its one hell of hotter a walk out of California. At least i have a paper parasol now and a canteen. And dreams of paperweight moonstones. 000615
Lucien TragicGlee never existed 010105
misstree tragic is irony, defeat despite the best efforts, bad things happening to good people... tragic is the almost, the never was, the dreams that pass like exits on a freeway untaken. tragic is a heavy weight in the gut, unchangable, a touch of pain that has to be borne. tragic is the crunch at the bottom. 010106
Scarlet Tragic, That could be something like knowing the one for you is out there waiting for you, but hesitating and losing him because you are affraid of the way society will react to a 31 year old man, and a 20 year old woman together. I think thats tragic. 011003
hannelore sometimes the most tragic actions affect our lives in the greatest capacities. 020104
ClairE Overused.

= misused.
smurfus rex Tim Curry as Wadsworth:

"And over here, was Mrs. White! Looking pale and tragic..."
fatal observer what's really tragic? i mean, you think this is the worst thing ever, and then a week later you're over it. get the fuck over yourselves. 040116
Robert Tragic is when I fall in love with a guy
who dates my best friend
and I have to listen to her
describe their sexual habits
laughing while slowly breaking
re_alisma The alarms have all been raised, but it all doesn't matter one iota if I don't meet the x, y, z criteria. Still, change Is necessary, for me, because what came before was tolerable only by its own standard. Etc. Etc. If it doesn't get to change then the unsupported nether dream world it is!

(my own private nodal axis--- and dramatic Sun in Leo is always busy and ineffectively actively squaring the whole scenario, so this is, if taken at face value, of course a very precarious life to be in)

In summary, living in a dream is not a preferred option, it's really, simply, a prison cell, my only option. But there are several perks and plentiful saving graces.

It's definitely hypocritical, but I DO have to hold it against people when they are in the "against" column, just in case that real advancement should ever open up, the petty concerns of the already-privileged can't be in the way.

And, lost causes remain hard to drop because of a not-too-uncommon confusion about tragic things becoming even more tragic and the hope of redemptive possibilities. And that, you know, really is something I don't want to think about, and would rather remain ignorant and childlike over, forever.
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