jennifer I talked to Jerry tonight
he thought about suicide
and I told him the whole
clint thing and how it made me think right
and we were ok
just two people sitting in a car
at a red light
and thinking on the same page
misstree bob came over,
scared, seeking our help...
he'd lost control,
most of his apartment...
he wasn't a violent person...

but we told him it was just
bottled up energy,
that it couldn't be this bad
for long...

i hope we're right.
Dafremen I know they will. They must, it's this hope that has gotten me THIS far along.

I won't just curl up and snivel then shrivel and die. That's not for me, I'm a survivor and I will go on.

There is hope everywhere. I look around me and I know that nothing can take it away.

So there it is, a constant reminder of what I go on for, of what WE go on for.

We go on because we know, that as bad as it gets, things will be fine.
sabbie and i can sing a rainbow...
sing a rainbow...
sing a rainbow..

silentbob mantra 010221
j_blue listen with your eyes
listen with your eyes
sing everything you see
Dafremen When I am what I am.
When I do what I do.
When I say what I say.
When I know what I know.
When I love what I love.
When I feel what I feel.
When I believe what I believe.
Then everything will be just fine.
birdmad i keep telling myself this, but i'm still not convinced 010221
sleepless "Things will be fine".
This is the worst sort of platitude.
Who the hell believes it?
things aren't i fine? 010222
tourist Keep this in mind when the next
massive meteor strike radically alters the evolutionary playing field.
Life goes on, with or without us.
The universe is full of sensory aparatus. We are just one possible permutation. Things will be fine.
Dafremen Amen tourist, amen.

This big beautiful creation machine will keep on cranking out new and wonderful creations, whether we're here to see them or not.
unhinged smirk

so we are all insignificant specks in the universal playing field. what the hell is the difference then if i'm here today or tomorrow or ever again? there will always be more babies, more destruction, more stars, more radiation, more weather...with or without me.
Dafremen Ahhh...insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but from where you stand, your significance should be apparent. You're all you got and that's all you have and that's enough.

P.S. Don't be a foolish cynical twerp, it doesn't suit you very well.

jessica fletcher with all honesty, it has so frequently occurred to me that things will be fine, that i have become certain they will. the power of my subconscious astounds me these days. i wonder how many of my thoughts belong to it or to me..... any way, i am sure everything will be so fine; i will sing many rainbows, and then i'll give them to you guys because i understand everything you say as though it was from my tiny brain and i feel understood as well.....(sorry for the run-on sentence). 020515
kuru Is what I tell myself.

But really, will they?

I've never been this way before.
HellBentWolf Kutulu doesn't have a tiny brain...well certainly not as small as yours

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