sab he asked me
and i said:
an artist
and a dramaturg for a theatre company
and a sculptuer
and a photographer
and a painter
and a graphic designer
and a web designer
and a web mistress
and a wordsmith
and a grammangel
... and that's all i can think of at the moment, but if you give me five minutes, i'll probably come up with some more.

why, i asked, what do you do?

oh, he said, i'm in middle management.

and i blinked.

it honestly didnt occur to me that when he said 'what do you do' he was asking 'what is your paid job?'
and i think that it's telling that it never lept to mind to answer his question with - "im a photoshopmonkey for an online directory"

and THAT knowledge i will take into my meeting on monday with my bosses and HR:

you may care desperatly about this company and about your job
but i have a life filled to overflowing with things that arnt your petty concerns and pathetic and blind loyalty to a juggernaught in pinstripes.

do what you like to me.
i'll just shurg and find another job.

my job does not sustain me like it does you.

my art is my life
and you are all nothing more
than annoying mosquitoes buzzing around
my head.
minnesota_chris will you wear combat boots too, sab? 040404
jennyanydots i love what you do, sab. I do all those things too. but i don't get paid for it. that makes me feel content. 040404
sab i'm suited up for war
they just don't know it yet.

and yeah, the combat boots today
are my knee high docs laced tight.

but she carries a big gun]

sab has grown up, since last they tried this
grown up
grown wise
and grown more claws and teeth

and i tire of the children screaming.
minnesota_chris I'd like a picture of you, standing atop some corporate desky thing, wearing combat boots, or some similar black chunky heeled things. Riot grrl expression. And take the picture really low, so it looks like you're 15 feet tall.

I'd really really like that.
misstree i second this motion!

but somehow a white babydoll dress and stripey socks under the boots replaced the paint-stained overalls. and you have heavy weaponry in one hand and you're winking. a second picture would be you squatting down and aiming at the camera, which is at about desktop level, with a cheshire_grin. final picture would be you with stains and smudges all over the dress, camera wider shot to show the havoc that has been wreaked on the office; leather chair torn open and unstuffed, papers scattered everywhere, desk upside down with the wastebasket sitting on one side ('cause it's got drawers on both sides) with three-foot flames, and you sitting on the other, smoking a pilfered cigar and looking tired and smug. maybe wider shot could show the poor suit that's either tied up or missing most of his head in the corner, almost an afterthought detail, slightly out of focus. suitjacket has been slipped on over the babydoll as a trophy.

yup. sabbinator, you've been a busy busy girl in this brain o' mine.
The Small Details Don't forget all the gratuitous dripping blood stains and bullet holes. Cue heroic music. Fade to black. 040407
what do i do?
you ask me what i dont do and you'd get an answer..........
for the simple reason, i cant do anything.
im just a fuck up as you like to say.
sab my darling, darling children, what a gift you have given me!!!

i have sent the request off to a friend of mine who can draw spectacuallry. if he manages to find the time, i will give you all with the results.

but thank you.

you've made an old sab very, very happy.

much repesct to your imaginations
jenny wants a dot i know what you do that no one else can do. put a cute little flying dot next to your name on blather. that is a secret sweet cookie, and i'd like the recipe. 040407
.☺. sweet. 040408
silentbob I do nothing.
I do nothing.
minnesota_chris I'm tired of saying I'm looking for a job, working temporary jobs, etc. I just tell people I'm semi-retired. 040418
kookaburra i do homework for a living...literally.
if i didnt do homework, my parents would kill me
uow i do nothing 040911
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl "why? so you can pretend like you're interested?" 040912
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