silentbob Oregon 040809
uow he is now in a prison in Portland,
far from the lovely sweet banks of the Moy
Lila Pause Portland, Oregon is the place I used to dream about when I was 16 and in love with Elliott_Smith. 040810
kait all those people who wonder where the simpsons are from... its portland. that's what matt groening based springfield on. 040930
Piso Mojado future home? 051219
REAListic optimIST come on in, piso, the water is nice. 051219
misstree but last night, the water was ice.

it was beautiful. i had to awit until late december to ese it, but after getting a day off from work, i got to lounge about and let the huge window show me first snow, that heavenly dandruff that laughs its whole way down. when the wind whips, you can sometimes hear the larger clumps hollering "whee!"

i got cold, wet kisses all the way back from getting coffee, tiny splashes exploding on my cheeks. cars were barely going faster than i was, the tire tracks nothing more than twin lines of ice. it was like watching elephants on ice skates.

and when i got home, there was a girl throwing snowballs at her dad on the second floor, telltale bumps like a wall's embarassing acne showing missed throws, and a few splotches on his coat showing strikes.

portland finally got snow. i'm home.

and, i think it more than worthy of note to say that i've still bee spotting flowers every couple of days in walking. roses, lavender, an odd bloom on a bush. this town loves to be lush.
Piso Mojado the wonder of the pnw- nature thriving throug out the seasons... 051219
unhinged we've been thinking about moving out. we hear it's nice. 051220
hsg underground_tunnels ? tell me more 061024
LS I'm a few days away. Look out Portland! Blues a comin! 061024
jane when he drove up to portland to deliver his friend, there was nothing for me to do except wait for his return.
i saw him sliding down that escalator like some model from the future, sunglasses gleaming from window refraction, then grinning at me because he knew i would jump on him as soon as he reached the bottom.
he fell in love with portland, & it was all he could talk about on the ride home, after petting the dog & giving me a kiss.
Ouroboros future home. 080902
. Cement 080903
In_Bloom Yoda has moved to Portland and that means peace for me
Too bad it's not me who was able to go to such a beautiful place
I'm left behind where dreams come to die
Soma Moving to this city was an unexpected blessing. Like all good blessings, it was purchased in blood - my proverbial slate washed clean with the sacrifice of my past self, my lovers, and my love. All three expiring in a massive clusterfuck of emotion, regret, and shame.

K. told me they call it the City of Roses here.
I can see why.

That's been my experience - a lack of caution in reaching for something beautiful brought for pain, blood, and tears.

But i'll be more careful next time.
Thank you, Portland.
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