angie I am going to be a pharmacist soon, ask me your drug questions! 061110
angie please! it makes me feel special 071115
ever dumbening what frequency/amount of consumption of something like ibuprofen or acetaminophen is damaging to the liver? i don't think i'm within like a million miles of that number, but i try to take them as infrequently as possible. i usually tough out a headache or muscle ache until really necessary. am i being too much of a purist? partly what i'm asking is whether taking them at all has a build up, even if only taken rarely? i know frequency of alcohol intake is a factor too.

enjoy the random question, and thanks for the random answer, and good luck in your career.
ever dumbening ooh, ooh, here's another more topical one. i just had a monster monster bacterial sinus infection. i took azythromycin to kill it and benzonatate and pseudovent symptomatically. the full course of the zithro was done on tuesday evening, and i stopped taking the other two the day before. today is thursday, and there's still quite a bit of phlegm in my nose (and some still (going down? or just in?) my lungs. so the question is, since the infection is killed, what is happening physiologically that there is still so much mucus being generated? is the body still flushing dead bacterial material? what gives? 071115
angie Why thank you for the wonderful questions!

The most Acetaminophen (Tylenol) you can take in 24 hours is 4,000mg (which is 8 extra strength tablets). You should try to avoid taking this if you drink lots of alcohol because it can damage your liver.

Ibuprofen comes in 200mg tablets and the most you can take in 24 hours is usually 3200mg. For headaches and stuff like that 400-600mg taken every 4-6 hours as you need it works well.

As far as the bacterial stuff goes...azithromycin is actually a drug that keeps working in your body even after you are done taking the 5 day course. If it still hasn't gone away 5 days after you finished your last pill, then I would get it looked at. You should start to feel better soon though :)

Hope this helps!
no reason just as a general question, do pharmacists know as much as doctors (or maybe more?) about the efficacy of certain drugs compared to others?
because in that case, i would have questions about gastrointestinal drugs. wheee!
Pharmacee How much weed should I smoke after downing a bottle of Robotussin to reach the mysterious "third plateau"? Is a joint sufficient, or should I be reaching for the glass four-footer? 071116
angie no_reason:

I would say that pharmacists know just as much as doctors do about how to use medications. The Doctor of Pharmacy program is a 4-year program on top of the pre-pharmacy requirements you have to fulfill. So, when I am done I will have 7 years of school total.

Pharmacists are not trained to diagnose illnesses, but we certianly know how to treat any particular disease. Doctors who specialize in a certain area have a lot of knowledge about the drugs in that particular disease state, but they are also required to have some basic knowledge about all drugs in general.

Pharmacists have to know a lot about ALL drugs (because that is our job) :)
We have to know how the medication works, the appropriate doses, what side effects to monitor for, how to tell if the drug is working, and also about any potential drug interactions.

I am still in school, but would be willing to try and answer any questions you have!
no reason k. cool. so my question be:

h2 receptors vs. proton pump inhibitors?
(for nighttime)

it's okay if you don't know.
angie it depends.
are the symptoms ongoing-all day and night? or just when you lie down?
if it is just when u lie down, try not to eat food b4 u go to bed, and also there is a trick which sounds kinda weird but actually works in people...if you put some books under the frame of your bed at the head of your bed to elevate it about 5 inches or actually prevents a lot of nighttime symptoms.
i say if it is temporary, occasional symtpoms, and h2 blocker like ranitidine (zantac) would be the best.
answer your question?
. please send me a valium pill 071119
angie don't waste your money on brand name valium, take generic diazepam :) 080403
gja I am designing a large pharmacy at the moment - the people that work there ooze a certain power that is undefinable - perhaps, no I know it, it is because they control the drugs - those pathetically simple and complex cure to all ills. Potential poultice', every one of them, oh those delightful cures. 080404
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