Dafremen "It is said that no man is an island unto himself, but truly do I believe that all men are but islands to themselves that tremble in being washed away by the very sea that binds them. Only in our undoing are we finally completed, only in our final dissolution can we know the strength of a greater unity. Many reach out from isolation, but none escape its confines. Humanity's incomparable joys are paid for with the inescapable sadness of its solitude.

It is said that behind every great man there is a great woman, but truly do I believe that behind every great human, there is great fortutitousness, and that this partner of whom it is spoken stands as a single example. Numerous are the great men who have come and gone without ever having seen greatness. Without end are the stories of those who have known them, felt their brothers' potential for success, but who have shaken their heads at the lack of circumstance which led to these great ones having passed in anonymity. Truly it is not for the man alone to choose his greatness, but for greatness also to choose the man.

It is said that love will find a way, but truly do I believe that love knows not the way or the path, only the moments of its own passing. Love knows not its purpose or its plan, only its results be they pleasure or pain, and then only having passed blindly on its way. Love is not now, nor has it ever been a guide. Love is a beggar's kiss, sincere in its gratitude for having its needs attended, or simply flattering enough to disguise a robber's blow. Love is neither a means nor an end, it is neither a cancer nor is it the cure. Love simply is, and as such may serve as a lesson, or none at all, for such is a lover's gamble.

It is said that he who speaks excessively is not at peace with his own thoughts, but truly do I believe that many who speak without end do but justice to their existence, insomuch as while in their thoughts they may seem uneasy, in their actions they are not. It is by action alone that any but the individual may know the nature of one's inner peace. Speak then what you think, for your thoughts are the thoughts of the world around you, its children who would not be left to die that you might hold your tongue for fear of being judged. Speak freely, for your voices are those of the earth beneath your feet, of the very air you have breathed since the moment of your birth. These ask not to be silenced by human vanity passing as wisdom. Would that the unspoken thought could cry out its longing to be free, or that the spoken thought could sing upon its joyous liberation from the depths of an unfettered mind. Would that the unknown thought could plead its case for being known. Would that the silent counsel of but one mind could find its place as the cure for that which ails the many, or that the absurd notions of a fool might stand as gentle reminders to those would-be fools that might otherwise follow."

- R. Dafremen
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oldephebe indeed 030721
Dafremen You know you wouldn't have me any other way. : ) 030721
andru235 it only seems verbose if you didn't read the fourth paragraph

indeed, complex thoughts are seldom effectively articulated in few words; concision is pleasant for the simple-minded (not a bad thing to be!!!) but nuance is easily lost and triteness is a risk
. As with most things in life, there is usually a happy medium. Few ever achieve it, often lapsing into the self consciously verbose; viz above. 050630
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the fool rules.
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