Ariadani I've decided that i dont want to be a hairdresser, yuck. immagine coming home every night with little bits of hair stuck all over you. bleh. little hairs everywhere...even stuck in my bra.

yeah. i dont want to be a hairdresser. not that i wanted to be one before, but i definately dont want to be one now.
Tildan my email 020428
unhinged i really need to find a good one. let me say a cheap good one. i haven't had my hair cut in ten months about. 020428
blown cherry I hate going to the hairdressers.
Not that I mind getting my hair cut, that kind of attention is sometimes fun and tends to make me rather pleasantly light headed.
It's the small talk that I really can't stand.
That's why the only few haircuts I've had in the past 5 years have either been by my boyfriend or another friend (simple trims) or at the really cheap Chinese place on Belmore Rd.

No english = No idle awkward chit chat
photophobe I go to a korean place and I get tons of even more idle chit chat.

Mostly about james dean, chris isaac and jude law, because thats the haircut they reckon they're giving me.

I tend to disagree, but tis entertaining!
blown cherry I reckon Jude Law is pretty close, but he doesn't have a bad home dye job....
Photophobe Burning I don't fucking care what you think of my hair. I had fun dying it what the fuck is your problem? 020429
little wonder hairdressers are sometimes like psychologists. i love my hairdresser. i'm going to miss her a lot when i move away. she's the first person who's known exactly what i want to do with my hair and has never screwed it up (and can cut bangs perfectly). 020429
blown cherry in the corner aww come on! I apologised for teasing you. Can't you just forgive me?
It makes me feel sick to think you're mad at me, especially over something so trivial as this.
kerry my hairdressers are Jenny and Annette. Annette has huge red-rimmed glasses and she's so nice and motherly. Jenny is the pretty 20-something year-old with the firey red hair and blue eyes and porcelain skin. Sofia used to cut my hair but she's a bitch and she jerks my chin around too much. 020430
blown cherry New hair today! New hair today!
It's kinda subtle, have to be in good lighting to get it, but once you do it's not so conservative.

My god she was beautiful!
(The colourist, not the cutter)
Short touselled red hair, with little wispy bits of blonde floating about the edges.
That delicate pale skin that i will never have,
and then those eyes,
my god those eyes!
Navy blue shirt stained by the bleach, only the middle few buttons done up, little white singlet beneath.

White, navy, red, blonde, blueblueblueblueblueblue

so beautiful.

Why am I such a wimp when it comes to asking out girls?
TalviFatin Shaking
the smell of diabetes
she holds the scissors to my
long healthy dark brown/red hair
god do I cringe...
Makes me discuss school everytime I go.
Things dont change.
boring lady
ugly haircut she gives me
then styles like I'm 10
what's it to you?
who go