Tank i wish i could... i am swirling in a cloud of emotional vomit and i hurt... 010103
silentbob don't go to your cave
don't go to your center of safety
don't let your power animal give you a visit and tell you to slide
soak that shit up
absorb it until it eitherkills you or makes you stronger.
Vomit it out. cry. feel what you're feeling, don't shut it out. it will be much better for you in the end.
misstree get off my leg! 010103
Miner Detaching is cool, I found early on in life I could detach myself from reality, very useful that, especially if you enjoy being a touch 'out of it', and all thatís without the use of drugs or alcohol too :). 010509
carden i sort of detach myself through the use of hypnosis. it's a really cool feeling. it's like you're about to nod off, then you jerk awake, but not fully awake. such a blissful state. 010509
owko life will be wonderful they say,
but from whose viewpoint,
we need to live in a state of echantment,
like a work of art,
in a state of suspended animation,
Toxic_Kisses to be detached is a habitual state of mind for me, it's not something that I do intentionaly or anything, it's like smileing uncontrollibly when your happy, something that can't be helped.

I wish I wernt so detached from the ppl and things around me so I could truly -eXpErieNcE- life to it's fullest
yummychuckle see: Logan towards the end of last summer 020301
yummyC I DID IT!!!!! Blather is now one column.
what a waste of time.

but once i started i really couldnt stop. gotta finish these things.
brandi oh to detach myself...
from the suffering
in my life
just like the buddhists
but how do they do it?
it makes me wonder if the point is to feel nothing at all
and how can you remove yourself of desire?
sometimes i'd wonder why you'd want to
reitoei just dont evaluate anything. passive observation. like a haiku. a real haiku is more than poetic arrangement, its just observations. it just says something is, it doesnt say what it is.
thats how to be detached. dont look at something and say good/bad pretty/ugly. just watch the world go by.
say a fire burns down your house.
thats it. a fire burned down your house. its not something to swear or cry about, its just a fact, an event in the fleeting moment which is already gone. a buddhist can just look at that and see it as is, a pile of ash. there is no attachment to the ash. there should have been no attachment to the house even, but if there was there is nothing to be attached to, there is just ash blowing in the wind.
three words emotion_as_a_tide two_brothers detach 051126
IGG maybe i can reattach myself somehow
but i don't really want to.

detachment is so easy. Clinical.
but somehow i get more depressed
and cry and trudge
through a viscous pool of dejection
whenever i try to do anything.
it weighs me down,
and im falling through an insubstantial reality.
then i should wake up.
but i haven't done.

this is a detached_reality
and i feel a lose a part of myself to the pervading numbness every day.
not a pleasant anaesthetic, merely an icy kind of poison, you can tell it's more harmful than anybody thinks.

it will dissolve your emotions
until you are a clinical and efficient shell of the person you were before.

what to do then?
why, they have pills for that sort of thing.
what's it to you?
who go