adamandsam we're ready for the revolution.

the weapons are here.

we await your command.

too much coffee today, i'm shaking help me stop.
birdmads catalog of romantic failure although it had happened to me once before, she was where the pattern began to take shape

(christ on a pogo stick you would think i would have learned by now)

i met her when i was fifteen at the start of my junior year in highschool, we did NOT get along at all for the first few weeks but had all of the same friends and eventually got used to each other

as our senior year wound to a close (ages ago) i would have to say that she had become my best friend

we graduated and she moved back to california, i moved on to weirder and darker things, people and experiences but left it all behind and tried to clean up my act when it started to lose its thrill

a year after graduation, she calls me out of the blue and for the hell of it we decide to spend the day together...from there we would spend a lot of time together, dating on and off always just skating along the edges of becoming something far more serious
each of us seeming to feed a mixed signal here and there

i waited too long

when i was finally firm in my resolve to take the step and make the bold move toward a lasting commitment

...the one she had left behind showed up.

where i had taken his place as the one who she chose to spend her time with, i found myself taking his place the one who was left behind

just as she had appeared out of the blue for me
so he did for her
--only days before i confessed that my feelings of late were more than just friendly

whatever he had done wrong to drive her away he had made amends

she may have left him but she still loved him and had not given up on him

but i could see the conflict in her eyes as i told her

but she told me where things stood

she gave me the truth, though, this was why we always played our cards close to the vest on the matter of love, i knew this might happen

and within a matter of weeks she was gone

nine years later, i still miss her though,
nearly a third of my life and two moderately long term relationships later

on one hand i was happy for her, on the other hand, within a couple of months i lapsed back into my other habits and would stay there for some time before trying my hand at being a real live human being agan
Sol "and now to introduce it properly is the man that we all call.. *titspervert*ah *titspervert* *titspervert* Fitzherbert, because that is his name"
"ahem Thankyou brenda, ill just switch this on"

I have seen this film way too many times, im begginning to hate working at the cinema
sam control for smilers can't be bought
the solar garlic starts to rot
was it for this my life i sought?
maybe so, maybe not.
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mostlybyear what's it she's got(?), the same stupid things they all had? no, just the opposite, and it's inside-out... 020910
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birdmad "back up slowly into my hands"

( Uncle Grandfather, perfect_hair_forever )
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