impact I was in 8th grade, somewhat screwed up at the time, still am, ever since iv been hooked, who doest get hooked. I dont really rembmer what it was about, something unhappy probably, or maybe totaly random. Iv made many names since then, i always end up telling people who i am, or show otehr people the site and tell them, and for somereason let them into my oun secret little blatehr world and feel suddenly very violated, either by myself of those reading, so here i am, making my first blath on a new name that i intend to keep, and keep secret 020420
Robert Blake cell block "C" Keeping secrets is tough. Especially if you have a body guard, a kid, and a dead wife.

Oh yeah, and the fucking bird...Fred you fucking snitch!!! You're gonna taste just like chicken when I get out of the big house.

Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time.
silentbob it was around may 31st 2000 i think. it must have been. but i don't remember what it was. i was just coming out of my junior year. 020420
poetic_onslaught my first blathe was....i dont know some months ago. my handle was thugstylez and i blathed on "do i exist" and "lost" 020420
bethany sit

i stumbled across blather while surfing at about 4 am
p2 i stumbled across blather
looking for a solution
to a puzzle
jane while phil had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher"

a search on jane and phil
led me to phil's post
on jane's page
(see: jane)

i thought
that's some serious raw passion"
i thought it may have been from a movie
so i searched
and searched
and searched
and only found porn sites

i came back to blather
and looked around
and found that these were his words
and his passion
and i knew i wanted to be here
where words were free
and powerful

so with great reverence
i joined many great wordsmiths
and hope that i can do it and them justice
Jeca how old is blather? who's blathered the longest here? 021028
Jeca now that it's broken... 021028
. . 021029
pilgrim Blather has a copyright date at the bottom for 1998.
I didn't stumble accross it until late 99 or 2000. And didn't realise that by using the time coordinates and backpaddling that you could explore the early nature of blather one day at a time if you wanted.
I'm not absolutly sure, but I would speculate the sage or dallas would have been the First to tread here.
Rhin end of february/early march 2000, but not as Rhin. 021029
kss In checking, I can pinpoint myself back to about March 2001. Could that be, it seems like so much longer.

I did some fooling around with manually submitting the 'blather?showday;day=' cgi with YYMMDD. there doesn't seem to be anything before 980819.
Rhin i believe that 'andrew@benicetobears' & '' from newdream headquarters blathed here even before dallas and sage. from what i see, dallas blathed here before sage. however, sage's 'fruit' blathe is not dated. 021029
Rhin kss is correct. andrew & kristin both blathed here on 980819. 021029
bam and andrew is actually the wizard behind diaryland 021029
unhinged timko 021029
screwing for virginity i got the address from hatelife. no one warned me what it was, so i just played around. i was so confused by the words being different colors that it mesmorized me and i never left. my first post was aimless. i clicked the blather link on the bottem not konwing what it was and sent some random message to the "the" blath. i dont remember which name i used, but it was one of three, and might have even been this one, but i dont remember 021029
tourist Luck.
I Believe it was Luck.
The Same thing that led Me Here in The First Place...
No That was Fate.
what's it to you?
who go