hsg every_journey_is_a_petal of consciousness_blooming_as_a_flower.

there is a mathematically sound apex of all experiences. there is a song of truth which when enharmonized you understand a pattern of all patterns.


. but i wonder whether i should drink alchol and eat meat at all, maybe when i get happy one day i will be able to make a personal decision. I mean it's not as if i am excessive, its more like, do i need them? I think i would get ill from not eating meat but i love animals and someone told me that a small amount of red wine is good for your blood. Some information confuses me but when i fell fully content i know i will have th right personal answers just by listening to my own body. 070903
daf I'm probably not supposed to say this...but:

The word God has been so abused by shitheads who would use that most loving of all words in the human language as a weapon that we've started to avoid it in favor of other words like universe and "flow." (And one's really interested to hear about how human beings have consistently tainted you against the word God. They are shitheads..what did you expect? Funny how you thought they really knew what the word God meant and decided to hate the word along with your hate of them.

You do know that idiots tend to misuse things right? You do know that?!
Lemon_Soda It is their misuse that defines them as idiotic.

What a pity and what a blessing that we are only human.
sameolme and that we realize what we are. 070905
Ouroboros . 070905
unhinged people who believe in spiritual energy do not use the words 'god' and 'universe' synonomously. it's not the same daf. not even close.

in the tibetan cosmology there are gods and heavens and then there are buddhas and nirvana. and one does not imply the other. gods are actually at a lower level. gods are petty and hedonistic. god is punishing. god gives and takes away.

the universe transcends duality; i guess maybe you could argue it implies it but i find that kind of circular reasoning masturabatory. at some point in these matters you have to draw the line with reality.

people who believe in an inherently positive universe do not need to believe that there is some kind of creator that made it so. they just believe that it is. the power of belief is an amazing thing.
hsg belief is the spirit of watering the Flower. 071227
dafremen I hate everything but love. 071227
hsg "some point in these matters you have to draw the line with reality. "

all_right Reality, this world aint big enough fer us both!
thou_art_all_that tat tvam sarvam asi 081003
In_Bloom I want to weave all through it 081110
hsg Hate is not a solution to idiocy; it is a reflection. Only clarification is appropriate.

Time is a surfactant dissolving false_identity

As we put aside the masks we wear we also do away with time.
dafremen see also: world_of_rippled_water 091229
Ouroboros I've been thinking about this recently. Also supplemented by food for thought while reading "Bringers of the Dawn" 091230
_r . 100915
ergo Perhaps we are realizing the universe. 100915
plop that will make you tired. 100915
plop what are you doing over there? 100915
unhinged we burned your picture to let you go


people that actually knew you
i breathed in
gathered your life in
breathed my love out

i was at a buddhist funeral
i watched people walk out
i didn't know you
but i breathed love for you

and i hope those people that left
loved you as much as i did

she said you were brave
and i sat in my seat
seeing what you brought together
and i was sad i didn't know you


i was at a buddhist funeral
what's it to you?
who go