sphinxradio i stay up far too late, writing. every night. it never fails.
daniel stays up later than i do. every night.
i think he hates it as much as he loves it.
me, i love the night but often the words i write end up betraying me in the end.
birdmad as ever 011106
Sonya I just want to take you away from everyone
And keep you stashed under my pillow
And then I'd take you out simply for my own pleasure
And wear you when occasion's special
Then I'd put you on like a diamond
So I can sparkle and be the envy of my friends
I'd proudly hold the leash that I'd have you on
So you can't stray and follow me around all day

It's too late now
I don't think it can fade
It's too real now
Fulfillment just adds fuel to the blaze

Compulsion has stained me
I'm nervously cradling our young love
Without known limits love
Like a butterfly cupped in my hands
I peek in to see beauty trapped
Confined it flutters
Then it leaves behind colorful dust
To remind me of the special times we've spent
But of course it has to be leave my clutch
but enough's never enough to make a dent

It's too late now
I don't think it can fade
It's too real now
Fulfillment just adds fuel to the blaze

And in time it will end
And there really isn't hope for the two of us
But right now I give in...

It's too late now
I don't think it can fade
It's too real now
Fulfillment just adds fuel to the blaze
Fulfillment just adds fuel to the...
Fulfillment just adds fuel to the blaze

"Too Late" by No Doubt
Casey I was getting up the courage to ask her out. Even though we are oposites, I still wanted to try. She probably would have said no and everyone would laugh at me, but i dont care. Im leaving and I will never have to be here again. 011107
ClairE I die with humiliation. I can never get over it.

That is why I always go too far.
ItGirl "Did you ever think, maybe there's a point in a relationship, when it's just too_late to have sex?" 030715
Deomis "Too early seen unknown, and known too late!
Prodigious birth of love it is to me,
That I must love a loathed enemy."

-Romeo and Juliet
god too late to tell you i loved you 041010
nighean_siofra i'm too late
he loves me

but he doesnt know
that i can never
love him back

i dont want
to break him
what do i do now

too many tears have already fallen
i hate to be that hypocrite
the one that doesnt care

too late
seems to be the motto for my life
f it appears to be too late to love someone,
everyone wants to be involved by trying to negotiate amounts of money.

Money don't come close to this love affair,
believe me!

he doesn't want the money,
he wants the miracle,

however you didn't love him enough
to even listen to him,
you only wanted to possess him.

we only wanted to be together but
nobody else did.

thanks for your considerate
natural tenderness and kindness,
may you have a beautiful life.

thank you
f he was true to himself
but not to you
because he was a sensitive person,
a considerate person,
so considerate that it killed him in the end.
maybe he should have or maybe i should have
taken that step beyond integrity?
what's it to you?
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