Q you feel correctly
when you feel i'm smiling at you
and, if i speak, i tell you some of memories;
and will see words inside a shell and softly listen
lotusflower he tells me he likes it
when i smile
i will forever remain happy girl. :)
Zoe god, i just can't help smiling! you just sent me an email saying you love me. why is it so hard not to kiss the computer? ahhhhhh! SMILING =) 000718
vampers smiling on the outside, crying on the inside, dead in the mind 010325
elisabeth a way to cover up my pain, my anger, my tears, a way to get people of my back 010325
pontifier don't bother if your teeth are dirty 011211
blown cherry because I want to :) 020805
lukas every time i can, or even more often to see people smiling, to think that the world is better then most of people think it is. 021202
not god dodge_crepe___if_2_'''''''' 030711
Sarah Something you always make me do. Your a funny funny boy Christopher. 030817
shoccolo i only had the patience to follow your links twice. but you're good... 030817
lovely Not everyone who's smiling, is happy 031015
cupcake i smile a lot because it makes me happier if i do, even if i don't feel like it. it kind of makes your brain think you must be happy, because your smiling, and other people see you smile and they get happy too, and then they make you happier. i think everyone should smile more! 031015
jessi But many people smile thus they don't cry. and nobody realizes that 031019
scorpion heart i am smiling still as i wake up,
last night was so great!
i think this as i lye sprawled on my bed, the covers pushed down because its so hot in my room.
its the middle of november. the weather is hot! its hot! and hes like the weather. i smile to myself, get out of my bed and walk two feet over to my computer to write as soon as i crawl out. i write here to settle these thoughts, to calm myslef down, to remind myself that he's just a guy. he might just want to be my friend. but at least a good friend. still, im smiling as i write this.
pete Here we are smiling to eachother, filling the worlds with life and light. If only we could describe everything without words.. bliss 040325
jenny Don't get me wrong I do smile but I wish I didn't have to

There is too much pain in the world for me to be happy or greatful

Not in my life, I have it all apparently

I would believe myself but I dont want to

I live behind a cold mask of smiles, underneath I am screaming
SmileThief so many things make me smile, it's a vicious circle of happiness, I think of things that make me smile and smiling makes me think of happy things.

Reverse depression or in a complex form of denial.
In_Bloom At first so hard to conceal
When it still felt welcomed
what's it to you?
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