Laura I cry for the girl in the pictures on the wall in my house,
she is stuck in time,
years behind me.
I cry because she still has to go through what I went through.
I wish I could rip her from those photographs and into my arms,
hugging her so tight because that's what I would have wanted.
I wish I could let her know she has herself to turn to and all her pain will fade.
I cry because I am older now,
and now I can be there for her,
but I cannot pull her from the pictures before she has to face it all and let her know she has a place to turn.
I know I cannot stop her from being lost.
girl_jane I sometimes I feel like I'm 65 years old.

Other times I feel like I'm 5 years old.

I'm 5 more than I'm 65-but really I'm 16.

I'm still a little girl.
yummuchuckle says I'm just a littlegirl
lost and trying to find
an excuse to love you.
says i'm just a littlegirl
confused and trying to find
a reason to live.
bethany i came back to my mom at 18.
in a jersey with 00 on it and blue jeans, she smiled, and i thought it would be like those maury pauvich shows, and we'd all start crying. we sat at the kitchen table, something we never do, and cahtted, chatted, like strangers. i wanted her to hold me and tell me it'd be all right and she did. i was her little girl again.
but tonight she said i was two, demanded all i say was "yes ma'am, no ma'am" just like when i was 2. "no responsibility, no responsibility at all" heads are gonna roll and it's gonn abe mine for being the ex-druggie, state school, beatnik, orange hair little dumb, messy girl in a big house that's been in better homes and gardens.
jg Can't you see I'm not that young? Why can't you see me for the woman I am instead of the little girl you met so many years ago? I've changed. I've grown. You've grown on me. 020612
Sailor Jupiter I was a little girl...once 020612
cheer-up-emo-kid is what my best friend andrew calls me. 020622
nightcrawler she's not that innocent

Constance You won't talk to me anymore? That makes me sad, I don't ask for much really, why is it so difficult? I'm depressed and lonely without you. Empty and I don't know what to do.
I feel myself falling to the ground screaming and tearing the flesh from my bones. WHY?
. . 050514
bethany the last time i was happy
the last time the world was indifferent
all i can judge is what is different because i'll never remember how i really was
i'll never feel it again
skyburst777 three years old
still there in time
learning to tie her shoes
asking if she can go to school
finding out she's still too small
learning that the world is her classroom
007 i joined the deadballeriona society

and i've got new ballerina shoes!

the man at the sandwich shop gave me 10p too and i got some free text messages !
. ping pong idiot 070424
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