Shar Dear Doctor J,

You are a liar, a cheat, and a thief. Just because you take the nickname of a loveable basketball player doesn't make you endearing in the least. You prey on the uninformed. I really appreciated the way you blamed things on "the girl" whenever patients were angry. Then you wondered why people working for you came and went like it was a revolving door. Your cologne smells like ass and the candy you gave out sucked. And no, I will NOT work for you again.

Thanks for showing me how not to run an optometry office.

Your ex-employee / whipping girl,
WoNDERGIRL Dr. Dre is dead and he's locked in my basement 000521
grendel Who 000711
erin the psycho jipsy the doctor told me to lie on the table. then he put his cigarette out and asked if i thought i could swallow it. i asked swallow what. 001005
ClairE tools





much more
god = sturgeon 020620
Kate You sent me a very clean copy of Dr. Zhivago wrapped in a brown paper grocery bag packaging, and wrote our addresses in your handwriting. You wrote a beautifully articulate letter with a PS that perhaps we could go see a concert or a movie at the Cedar Lee. You love this book, and writing letters because they feel so nineteenth century romance novel. You are a nineteenth century romance novel that I would like to read over and over again. 020712
crimson I don't like my doctor.
They are supposed to pretend that they care about you and your health (rather than your checkbook's health). Mine is horrible at pretending.
When I was a little girl the doctor would try to impress her religious beliefs upon me.
She looks at me condescendingly and pretty generally makes me angry.
x twisted x i am freakin scared of doctors. theres something about people who touch and prod people for a living that i just dont like. but yea...i am an avid fan of dr. quinn, medicine woman...she was a doctor..kinda. 040114
minnesota_chris something tells me this is not daxle 040114
celestias shadow this here is my attorney, dr_gonzo 040117
hetaira fly to me tonight. we'll drink absinthe. i'll pretend i'm someone else. you'll tell your big fish stories. i'll listen, wide eyes becoming wild eyes beneath a pisces full moon. the conversation will carry us into morning, bring the seduction to fruition. 040828
Syrope i'm still uncomfortable about it. on the other side of a new leaf, even things you've done before can be traumatizing. 040829
emmi oscar is a mexican doctor
oscar broke emilie's heart

i worry about emilie
she won't go the doctor
she hasn't had her period
in 6 months
uow i shouldn't be afraid 040911
monee "hello doctor, can you make me better?" 041217
kymied One day I'll be Dr. Dragon. 050919
god are you with me, dr. wu? 050920
nom i have to go to the doctor so i can go buy some pot 070123
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