deb blather is such a distraction
to me and my books
i sit here when i should be working
i move on friday
and i lose the modem
i have until then to be distracted
and THEN i must work work work
on "parkview"
what a horrendus work-in-progress name,
i know,
but i started this thing a couple years ago
and it stuck.
soon enough i'll have no more of this
and i'll be sitting
with the ancient
computer side by side with my laptop
and what a site that makes...
splinken i need someone to make out with. appliations are on the top lefthand corner of the secretary's desk. thanks for stopping by. 000914
miniver I first got on the internet in '95...I think. Grade 9? That was very exciting, back then. Now it's habit.

And I even taught myself HTML. But, it wasn't like "I am now going to teach myself HTML". I just, you know,...did stuff. And, when I get going at anything, I keep going until the very, very end -- in one big rush. I am a very hard worker. It just takes a lot to get me going in the first place. That's still not passion. I still don't really give a damn about any one particular thing over most others. Until someone tries to argue with me about anything...hah.

Webpage design became as boring as anything else, though.
gwyllynne what was I talking about? 001127
imaginary birdmad something more than this 001127
unhinged even though he/she/whatever hasn't been around for awhile, i can always tell the posts that miniver writes before i even see it's name. damn....isn't he/she just so smart? nothing like an internet pedant to brighten up your day. 010202
blown cherry Where has mine gone?
I particularly need it tonight.
Hasn't msgd me in over a week.
Me wonders if I stuffed it up accidentally.
Almost two weeks in fact.
Hmmm. I msgd, but that one's an early nighter as far as I can tell, so I might not get a reply til tomorrow.

I might have to resort to distraction #2 if I get no response by the time of the "couples" party on Saturday, and I'm not sure how things are between us right now. I kinda went off at him last time we msgd, but that's happened before.
We're kind of sporadic soul mates there.
Stop Bath Burns you_have_some_cool_friends_there 020408
blown cherry I found out what happened to distraction #1 - finally went on a date with that nice little girl whose phone# he got at the roundhouse a couple of weeks ago, and it went pretty well, so he will be unavailable for distraction purposes until such time as it stops going well.

Ce la vie

I'm going to a pick up party on Saturday, I think I might actually try and pick up rather than call on distraction #2. Good to have a few back ups.
I wish I weren't so damned horny atm, and I really wish you'd just come and fuck me.
Photos bleeding magenta and yellow The more I read, the more I hate you. 020410
blown cherry sometimes that's rather the point 020410
ethereal It is not content, that is to say, I am not content being a distraction. 040520
pete perhaps, then, you should become either unnoticable or a companion? 040522
ethereal Perhaps then, you should know what my words mean before writing of them. Or don't. 040524
love & hate the thought of you, always on my mind is my constant distraction from life itself. 040525
lantaren/venster thinking about forum.kink.com all day. 100512
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