unhinged sometimes i look back in my blather history and read my past. today it makes me want to cry. to see the things i used to have passion for that have just faded away, the extent of my new all-pervasive apathy. there are so many people i used to blathe about, that consumed the center of my heart and mind, that mean about nothing to me anymore. some i miss sorely, others i'm just glad are gone. i look at the profound affect that the later time has had on me and i feel like i should want to cry but i don't really. all i feel right now is my nervous anxious stomach churn that comes to me when i'm being overwhelmed and my flight response starts to kick in. but all the responsibility ties me down. ties me down....*sigh* 010418
dB I hear that.
Was going through some of my history file on the 'puter at home. There is some stuff on there I don't even remember writing - probably something to do with my tednancy to come on here drunk from time to time.
We are all tied down. We all gotta live, and unfortunately there is no other way to be able to live unless you get yourself an owner to give you money.
Hey, at least you have your mind.
Some of the minds I respect the most are on this board, your included Unhinged. You have a grasp on things that people say and believe. You can sympathise, and you write well and carefully consider what you say. Not many people can do that, myself included.
It's like you are one of these people that really reads what people are saying rather than just having a quick look and posting.
Like asses in the desert, we all go forward to our work.
unhinged this place is where my soul resides 010418
dB My house is where I sleep.
My Office is where I work.
My drums are where I LIVE.
dB Hi Nancy. Welcome to the show that never ends.
Feel free to butt in any conversation and add your 2 cents. We all do that, so that's why thre is so much wierd and wonderful stuff on here.
There are some great people too.
unhinged i should just warn that some of us here are very opinionated so sometimes comments are made that shouldn't be construed as an attack. i myself have made that mistake. i have been here for almost five months and i stay for the same reason you do. this place is great and i have met some really nice people here. nothing like free internet therapy =) the only problem is you get what you pay for. 010419
dB Yeah. That's a good point. But then again, you pay for therapy and you either end up with a bunch of pills that do nothing, or you end up with a percription lifestyle.
"Your goal for today is to talk to someone you have never met before for five minutes." that kinda crap. That's not therapy, that's insane.
unhinged they are all assholes
i need a job
i need to live on my own again and it hasn't even been a week
they are all assholes
they will all be sorry

(i know i sound insane *shrugs*)
what's it to you?
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