silentbob minnesota city, population 90000 or something
they call it coochfester.
it arouses images of a bleeding festering rotting decaying suffering vaginal orafice.
twiggie except it's not that exciting. 001231
silentbob not as exciting as a festering pussy? c'mon you gotta be shitting me! 010101
Megan Rochester is for old, cultured people. Not the saner people of the younger generation. 010101
silentbob seize your city back from them by the reigns, girl 010101
somebody God knows we've tried... 010102
squirrel NY (70 miles east of Buffalo).

Nice small city. Ra-cha-cha!
guitar_freak lock me up.
Dare you - do it again!
Just try.
Fuck Rochester! Fuck the hospital!
I come out worse than before.
No help, no hope, nothing new there.
Tests. Tests. Tests.
What do they accomplish? You can't measure my sanity by a card of scattered ink!
Sick of it. Sick of Rochester after only 2 weeks.
Except maybe the town itself.
Quiggz Buffalo...... damn, it's a cold place here..... it'd be great if we actually got some snow days, but NOOOOOOOO, we have to be PREPARED for it! Bah...... Ah, well..... Buffalo, stop being so evil. 010127
shiva buffalo sucks. snow. too much. 010128
silentbob "Rochester...those cutting edge bastards!" - Jesse 010129
ClairE I think the entire universe is gravitating towards Rochester.

I'm sure I'll be up there someday. I'm stacking up friends there like clean glasses in the cupboard.
Zed I lived in rochester for 18 years.
As in all childhood homes it was both the most wonderful, safe and familiar place, and also a prison.
This Rochester I speak of is not the same as yours.
No - your Rochester is named after mine. My Rochester is the English one - the Kentish town, the home of Dickens and the medieval castle.
So beautiful in the day with the castle and cathedral haloed by the sun - and so horrible at night, littered with drunks and vomit.
Strangely some of my most treasured memories of Rochester are night time ones.
I miss Rochester.
Even though it is different to yours.
minnesota_chris Rochester, Minnesota has vomiting drunks too! So we got that going for us. 021112
not an angry girl how did i even get here? right, it was my first choice. i came here one day and the sky was sunny and the sun was hot and i said this is where i want to be. but i'm here and i look out the window and the snow bites at the trees and the windows and the people are almost swallowed up.
and i think i'm happy here but what is happy and what makes it so? i could go home for a while it's only a few hours away but leaving means giving up and missing out on what happens. but nothing ever happens. who knows.
minnesota_chris I've heard that both rochesters are kinda slow... nice places to raise your kids, but a bad place to BE a kid... in other words, to have fun. 030127
tallow you never think you'll miss it until you leave it. who thought that you'd miss having nothing to do? who thought i'd miss everyone so much, even since it's been almost three years. 050429
silentbob every time i have ever been here
i have not wanted to leave
i am moving here in one month.
i am visiting it right now.
i don't want to leave.
i am comforted by the fact that i will be living here in a month.
though i do not want to leave all the people i love in iowa_city
silentbob I clicked "go" one time and it brought me to Rochester. 131202
ever dumbening my mom grew up in newark, a small town just east of rochester, ny. 131203
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