innerflections "Xerxes gave a garland of gold to the helmsman, for saving the king's life--and then cut off his head for causing the deaths of so many Persians!"
~Herodotus, the histories
r she picks up my kings of hearts whenever I discard them in rummy 040308
pete Kin

And I ask myself
If these kings are our own
And I tell myself
That they lie to us
And silently
They lie in me.

(c)pete anderson 2004.. not that it really needs to be.. such a short poem.. that sprang into something greater with the influence of another who wrote verses that came to her mind in reaction, and then i in reaction to her, and the creative living poem lives...

kings.. why kings? what choice did we make so many generations ago that led to such a force to be placed above us? how did we allow our selves to be ruled and to have justice stripped from our hands? justice being where each individual equals an informed one in everydecision pertaining to them...that is what mark kingwell said this weekend..mediamorphisis.. such a conference.. such an education.. education of the self.

why kings?
Lemon_Soda A King is not a tryant. A King does not rape his people. A King does not order. A King is not greedy. A King is not partial.

A King is meant to serve his people . He supports, encourages, pardons, and aids his people. He laughs with them, and cries. They in their turn care for him and do his wishes because they truly believe that he would not turn them to trouble and grief.

That is a King.
I am a King.
I encourage you to say the same of your self.
pete What kind of person can have their own people? Who can elevate hiself above others? At the risk of sounding preachy, where is the justice in crying with YOUR people, suffering with YOUR people.

No, a king is not something I would wish to be, even by your definition. I would rather suffer with my friends, family, peers, and equals, not my people. I would rather cry when I need to cry, or when my friends, family, peers, and equals bring me to tears, not when my people are crying.

I seek justice, defined as when each individual gets an informed and equal say to every decision that effects them. And for that definition I thank Mark Kingwell (philosopher, journalist, lecturer).

Be free inside yourself, and hold dominion over none except those who you would have dominion over yourself.
Lemon_Soda My family, my friends, my lovers, and my enemies ARE my people.

I am the King of my world.
booyah! but You\\forgot about The King

made yourself a king

believed Your own press

and a little hore

from low down

hoe town

who sticks her booty in a

space screen

and you call that glory?

and good?


You settle for so much less

how did Your faith die

on the way to your imagination?

that's NOT love

You are LOST now in lies and sensations

but someday


should You live


bittersweet symphony

Your head in the endless Mire

and rockstar

wanna be poets

and stupid little
at 23
who act like whores

and You let them

You encourage these


heir to
more sad


the ever blinding


*You daily

what's it to you?
who go