unhinged any ignorant or irrational person will prove themselves to be that way. case in point with all these bible passages here. discussions of christianity are all fine and cool with me as long as both parties are open-minded and smart enough to realize that those kind of discussions always end in a fight and not to take that to heart. but out right preaching is something i cannot abide. i am not christian...i do not need to hear the word of jesus. i do not think jesus was anymore extraordinary then any of the other religious leaders throughout time. all religion is is our moral system. every religion teaches the same basic morals if you think about it. religion is a good thing for humanity to have. but the absoluteness that goes along with those beliefs is a bad thing to have. the most important thing in the world is tolerance. and i cannnot be tolerant in the face of intolerance. all these christian posts are very intolerant and rude; and it is not the belief that i disagree with so much as the method of distribution. and maybe i am being just as stubborn for pursuing this matter in the way that i am. but these recent posts are the very thing that makes me shun organized religion in the first place and in particular christianity. the fact that a person could come here and post verse after verse after verse, or quote or whatever they want to call it of the words of christ just proves that they are insensitive to the fact that some people might be offended by that outright preaching. not only that but it seems very condescending and high handed. i do have some experience with christians all over the united states. i am not ignorant to christianity as some people might think. i have made my choice and the reason i refuse to be tolerant or respectful of such behavior is because it is blatantly intolerant and disrespectful to that fact that this is not a world of christians. 010826
us Applause! 010826
DannyH My real problem with these posts is that they seem to be an advert for a book which sounds like a kind of Christ Lite.
its that kind of paraphrasing that leads some people to find homophobia, racism and even (in the case of the "church" that I live next door to) some very shrewd money-making schemes inbetween the lines of a book that none of us have ever read in the original language anyway.
I'm no christian but I'd have no objection to someone posting real passages of the bible on here, it's a very important book (somewhere on here someone has posted the entire script of Ghostbusters and I think we can all cope with that.) My problem is with dumbass little fucks who have been taken in by some self-help appropriation of our ancient heritage and feel they need to turn our place into a billboard advert for it.
Fuck off.

Jesus, that was a long way from a nice cup of tea wasn't it. I guess I blew all my tolerance and kindness on the people that deserved it.
. i don't like bibles .. they scare me.

people dieing and stuff...
why do people read that ancient stuff?
fucked up it's a bad day today,
bad headache,
feeling depressed,


i have no friend that care.
i would i want to be alive?
snook In the right circumstances and the proper amount of time, you can come to love or hate anyone. Often the two at once. 071216
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