endless desire you are wonderful and i love you.
haha i become attached to different blatherers
very quickly.
haha but you are my new favourite.
so rock on to you.
i love what you have to say.
Flowers from Safeway Wow! I am so flattered. You know you are one of my favorites as well. Thank you for answering my ztupid questions!

Out of curiosity, what made you so interested in Vancouver? I hope my answer is helpful to you.
Sparticus I did. I made her interested in Vancouver. It's a long story, and she already went to bed, so here goes. . .

Endless and I are together and have been for some time, desptie many adversities. These adversities are sometimes nearly insurmountable, and it often seems as if the world is against us (cliche but true -- they wouldn't be cliches if they didn't happen all the time). We live in Southern California and in January I visited San Francisco for the first time and fell absolutely in love with the city. When I got back, our relationship began to grow. We started that whole silly "thinking-of-places-to-live" game, and I decided it had to be either New Zealand or Vancouver because, as much as I love California and America, US politics is just beginning to be a bit too "Bushy" for me and Canada and New Zealand both seemed wonderful alternatives. Nice, pretty, small populations, not third-world, English speaking, liberal, all those things that nice white suburbanites such as ourselves could enjoy. We eventually decided on Vancouver becasue it was closer and because -- and this was the primary reason -- I had heard it was the San Francisco of Canada and we both love that city. Over time, Vancouver began to be much, much more than just a city. It began to symbolize the place we could be together no matter what, the place of happiness, joy, and no boundaries. When things get rough for her (in ways you may know of by reading her other blathes), she tells me "Take me to Vancouver." I have a small placard in my car she made for me that reads: Vancouver Bound. Vancouver became our personal paradise without either of us ever setting foot north of Sacramento (she's never even left the state). It was the place where all bad things ended and our love and happiness reigned supreme (the opposite of Nebraska, which symbolizes Hell and is the place I send all things I don't wish to deal with). So, that is why she wants to know so much about Vancouver, Safeway. I like you quite a bit, your philosophys are amazing and quite similar to my own from what I've seen. You are awesome, Safeway, and thank you for being kind to her. I've seen many cases of new blatherers being abused, etc. Your blathes are quite nice as well, and your story of Vancouver was particularly inspiring. I hope your Vancouver can become my Vancouver with her someday.

loves endlessly desiring endless desire
endless desire don't make me sound more sheltered than i am!
haha i left the state once when i was 4!
and i went to the border ((mexican)) for two days to build a church and paint a park.
you sound so overprotective too. i love it.

yeah so he pretty much summed up why i love vancouver and want to know if anyone has been there and exactly what it is like. i figure the first second i am on my own, you have to take me there. it is a symbol for so much more to me than just the city itself. it is my escape. it is everywhere i love life. it is almost as though, whenever i am happy, i am in vancouver.

thats the story.
and thank you safeway, for your reply to my vancouver question. it was absolutely beautiful.
Flowers from Safeway You two are simply adorable! 030611
endless desire i think we are the cheesiest thing. . .
since cheese.
what's it to you?
who go