im there right now call me Scene from the film "Lost Highway"

The young man on the desert floor with the blonde in the headlights of the car

reverse footage of the stilt house exploding in flames in the middle of the night, reassembling from its debris

SHE[whispering to him, softly, seductively]: Tell me you want me

HE [nervous,trembling]: I want you.

SHE [whispering again, cruelly this time]: You'll...never...have me
Miner Watching 'The Wall', seeing the closing in of the blocks, as they interlock to form an impenetrable barrier for the soul, as each event adds its own 'piece', ever closing down the spirit, locking it away from life, and making it a slave to past failures and events. 010512
nahuatzel coming back late, finding a friend moderately drunk, getting ready to sleep, find her taking green liquidgels, openning more, im scared, running downstairs, finding another drunk friend, life is passing too quick, ask him to take the pills away, im too afraid, crying across the hall, screaming, others waking, still crying, fear... 010621
rubydee giving birth,
ego peeled back
molten core
of compassion.
once again age seven: standing before your mother telling her you will never grow up because grown-ups never get to have fun.

age twelve: facing your father, fists raised and being able to say, "I'm not afraid of you," and mean it, you realize you're more grown-up then you ever wanted to be.

age sixteen: sitting with the friends that it took so long to find and laughing, with your whole self.

age eighteen: standing before your best friends as their eyes turn away from you and being able to hold up your head.
sirflaccid The tears of angels crying down because they realize how good this could be. Only they know it has already been broken. 030915
Elmo Walking into a new boarding school, not knowing a single person. Being berated by people who've never seen you before, and don't even know your name.
Having already broken ribs while a 16 stone hulk 5 years older than you sits on your stomach pummeling your chest.
Switching on the guy who's been torturing you mentally and physically every day for 3 years, picking up a desk lamp and beating him unconcious with it.
Smoking my first joint.
Realising violence solves nothing, and does nothing but breed more violence.
Becoming a pacifist.
Living the rest of my life...
pete a defining moment... usually the moments where i do the 'wrong' thing. usually the moments where i walk away having learned 'that was stupid, lets not do that again.' 040816
mangrove saying the opposite of what i wanted to say, making my life turn the wrong way.

walking away from it all, and all of you, to turn it back around.
pete the three minutes it took me to realize how the bike racks on the front of the buses worked, while the bus driver looked out his window at me shaking his head 040819
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