TalviFatin Chai tea is so yummy. Especially if you add sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, milk, and whipped cream. To make it even more special...chocolate shavings. It is de-lish. 011014
ellen cherry charles my friend referred to it as "liquid sex" 020127
Jennifer Bethke I like "liquid orgasim" myself. Whenever someone asks what Chai is like (specifically the Spiced version by Big Train, which I personally find to be the best) I like to tell them it is just like drinking a glass of warm pumpkin pie. I don't know what I would do without my morning mug of chai... for something that is 98% cafeneen free, it is addictive as hell! 030512
megan mmm reminds me of autumn days sitting on the porch talking to a good friend
it does taste like pumpkin pie in a glass
reminds me of you, also, your kisses, warm and satisfying
minnesota_chris I tasted a chai with two shots of espresso in it, it's actually pretty good! It's called a chai red-eye. 030512
misstree I would sell my soul for a good cup of non-Oregon Mixed Crap, non-Way Too Sweet Chai.

Which isn't saying that much when you think of how many souls I own, but still, I really really really miss good chai.
realistic optimist i recently discovered this delectable drink, and i sure am hooked. the creamy thickness, the subtle spice, it is such a drink of perfection, i am surprised it took me this long to discover it. of course i recently discovered sushi and thai food, each of which i am equally fond... 031207
Nurse Blather is white_wave Big_Train Chai rules! And their sugar_free version is safe for carb_cutters and diabetics. 040311
pipers that's funny, in my part of the world chai is boiling water with tea leaves and milk. hehe. 040312
white_wave chai has really been commercialized. first available in the U.S. only in specialty stores like Trader_Joe's. Now it's at every Starbucks on the planet. i admit that the powdered stuff is easy and convenient, but so far from the authentic Indian drink. if i went to Pakistan, i would fall_over_heels_in_love with their tea... 040312
white_wave corrects head_over_heels 040312
Borealis *points to self* works in a coffee shop
the chai combinations I've come up with...
granted some have turned out questionably.

the chai red eye idea..had some funny looks when I downed one of those last week.
sahba chai is indian and persian and a lot of other countries as well but best of all chai brings me good memories :D 040710
viator best chai in asia
Sunrise Cafe
Bhagsu Road
HP, India
shameless plug
loved that chai
u24 yogi teas, sweet chai (no black tea):
anise, fennel, licorice, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves.
all organic.

black chai:
organic: black tea, cinnamon, anise, rooibush, chicory, ginger, black pepper, cloves
non-organic: cinnamon and ginger extracts

emmi i needed comfort and made myself an extra milky one with the spices that bring back all the right memories from all the right times and places and enough sugar to sweeten my dreams... have been having nightmares again :( 060627
Casey tea

it's all orgasmic
flowerock I wish the cafe served real Chai instead of the powdered garbage... that's not chai, it's sugary flavored powder that smells nothing like good chai... but people order it all day... hot, iced, dirty... all_day_long. I wonder if people who like the powder would even lime real_chai? 150806
fir3cuB3 a hot kulhad* of masala chai on sunny, chilly...early mornings of February... in lap of The White Mountain Range (Himalayas).. with a chillum of ganja and hash from Malana ... occasional cigarettes in between.....led zep humming Stairway to heaven in the backgrounds...lush green and water cascades in foreground.

miss that chai time... high time for another trip.

*kulhad - is a traditional handle-less terracotta cup from North India and Pakistan...unpainted and unglazed
flowerock That sounds wonderful... I've never traveled outside of the country on my own, or now I guess if would be with my heatmate, but I should. It can't be that difficult to figure out... I work with tourists all day long, serving them fake chai... 150810
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