paste! Shiza Minelli,

MO-STICHES! seness #85 is hyper-exservied no doubt about outs. and let in the sky for once! Shitz, you bafma..."quality of powder?"

na na na. slick as greco-romaine lettuce. this is not a siesta!

"p o l. that's why, imp." -Horacio Quasitong.

on that, i festival the porcelebacy of our great nympho-tarantula, AAAAA. (po' boy, that's 5 if in modus count.)

LOPO lacky [the excellent choice]
paste! LOPO snautkraus,

le gume o de iso plau candee landy, hey hey hey. episode of ATIC: whence offline, targets form, whence achment, the tide turnips like beaming salsa froustus. i got a new plan; bacon_grr. leftovers fuckem, overt as windsauce. i got no time for this sorta future. the quats are collecting my blood as we speak. gotta tune up my banjo. bye.

the nemokettler,
Shitz Allocator
paste! cheap greeting,
O' Idol Shitz Allocator,

you lost intercheck segment 47? and bacon_grr reminds me of the menu at Regenerating Cafe, where a dollar could getcha blood lacquered with planet scarves or even a fine well-tilted Sandwich_Paroxetine. and our thoughts and prayers go out to Melvis Vree, who demanded a raisin machine with too much irascribble velocity. here's to you Melvis:

bree bree tan
bree bree tan
dollops of C-crlle
gallons of D-tryyi
oceans of G-cllti
bree bree tan

"of the definite pasture, latexans missing the point of sprinklin' steak with power paah'lopan; some timers just go faster than other timers. especia la croon y le swoovy lorn mon dorstic. castles of swoovy lorn, vessel go naut in the blank stare--destana le prefierre ova sha limitless peacon plausticon. peacon limitless cia la croon! la croon! la croon!" -from the Womanuscript Noor by Tia Verbada

and Shitz, remember, it's not pleasant to give S & H charges to your "children".

ham, pork and endurance,
LOPO lacky
paste! say LOPO,

U: trysty sinus is peppered and ginkblotted with the samurainbow. QU-93/RI-92 deppitosticlon on facet.

but it went a screaming goat...they ate and ate...when the chimes started the deliveries came and came...for years they many boxes and all that ringing...

HELD by the WRENCH of CEM THOMPSON is inside a very starched despot no-luck no-haste no-grappa.
naythought #2, incas and memen, able, fresher tripods by vacuumed fish are SO lakeside buddy.

gliff po alongside teach tool slime axe,
the sprittizer,
Shitz Allocator
paste! Shitzus Dangrisas,

CEM THOMPSON shot the shed to pieces? good ol' boozer had legs up on extrapolar bear competitus, no joke.

QU-93/RI-92 deppitosticlon cannot be on facet...not since LE DYNASTIFOBES pattern splatters recurr:april or even recurr:octo--check sorphon_files.

"moderated by winding and not telepathy, thus, the grandfather clock cannot topple unless placed on a casted appendage that has no strength. amorality is job one."
--CEM THOMPSON at burnt toast toast 1993.

gonna miss that twisted bastard and his WRENCH.

yrs in momenta caliente,
LOPO lacky
paste! lackish,

hardthought-CEM-amorality. difficult of personality, reliving colour. re: re-(fx), yessah______aluminum or phospholipiditus bilayerus proof.

9:53 - ALOR CAPO EMULATORS forkened, every little x-mark amplifies destiny.

"lift off complete 3 month skid. tetherines, tangerball." - Marcellus Asp

%% and what now LOPO, where does it stand? i smell back to our escapades, the treasures, the heaps, i puzzle at any sense of progression. laylow. spinnit. demonstrate our pressure to become clouds over desolate areas. LOPO, i think i am falling apart and this season it's too early for the apple to bonk. my slacks are hanging on rusty clotheslines, the semi-promisco emits radiating strands of pork into the velvet lined bucket, labels torn elderly, everything looks like magnified charlie horsanama. squashy, BRING CLEATS! overestimate. %%

9:57 - bigpiss

out of sync w/ Polter's guest,
the svel-de-langaard,
Shitz Allocator
paste! We Shake Shitz,

happy blt_devastator_day!

tis the saison for no raison de otra gto mach 7, eccleast that's what they say in straining class. le onf rainblown whencer thumb? is that CEM THOMPSON in the washing machine? tell him my tide is all cheer.

my ride is cheddar, his stantic clop clop is ape broth; clyde drencher also approves."

10/05 at llewelder's, melvis vree took a nerf_spear right in the kershner! i saw with my own bare feet. shrappoled the entire mivex_kabob (source of protein and mind-alteration). take no potato easily.

note #7775:
as the highest courts of scahu were trampled to exhaustion by poor feverish pandas, i reticulated the splines of my tableu_de_snapistrano, a source of protein and mind-blowing stuff. i then blended my leg with quank and some goada-washed donuts of the sun, pummeled it with salt_and_leper, and then dined it up on that leg, which was nestled in my arms.

upside, father of tuan and pajean, is eating berries without license, without any sense of discretion or mirroring. we must hand pick candida threshers to resurface those wise enough for a counter. ready, leaves_of_bacon will appear on the codpiece of vanderfookin, notifying us of nothing.

w/ stapled stragedy lifted
wax tadpole ca plane pour moi 041007
not god plastic bertrand is a shitz allocator france-rock style. eeP! 041007
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