magicforest Keep your indifference. Keep your superficial angst. Keep your shock-effects, your jadedness, your apathy, and your anarchy. Don't hope. Don't care. Believe that we don't need to help eachother. Believe that we don't need eachother at all. Believe that nothing matters. Believe that it comes down to money, sex, and power. Get angry at the government, the system, the machine, acting like you know injustice in your suburban life, as though having salespeople look at you suspiciously is the holocaust of the new millennium. Do your drugs, drink your drinks, fuck your girls and your boys. Believe that everything is relative and therefore there is no worth to anything, no point in anything, no responsibility for anything. Go ahead and sink into your complacent numbness.





still has dreams and still can love
magicforest He's one of them now. I can't believe it...so this is who I have left...find your soul baby. You still can feel...

Oh well. People change. Every day is a winding road.

has no sex
smurfus rex this sounds like a conversation I had with a mallrat last weekend...


you still searching, magicforest?
magicforest Always, smurfus rex. 041114
smurfus rex I read back through i_am_searching_for_people_with_souls and i_am_searching_for_people_with_souls_ii and then i came back here for comparison.

I see a conflict between the Cynic and the Dreamer.

Cynic: It won't get any better than this. Even if it does, it'll get worse first before returning to this level of suck.
Dreamer: It won't stay like this forever. The sun shines even on Seattle. You'll see.

The cynic loves his pessimism as much as the dreamer loves her optimism. They both have the world on their minds, only the cynic thinks the world is out to get him, while the dreamer thinks the world is waiting to be discovered.

Cynic: It's all about me. What's in it for me?
Dreamer: It's all about you. How can I help you today?

The cynic assumes the worst of intentions and motivations behind even the most benign actions of other people. The dreamer assumes the best of potential and promise behind even the most dismissive reactions of other people.

Cynic: I won't talk to you. You'll get too close. You'll know too much about me.
Dreamer: I won't ignore you. Scoot closer so I can learn you and see the world through your eyes.

Fundamentally, the cynic just wants to get by. The dreamer wants to get along...with everyone. The cynic is afraid, the dreamer is embracing.

Cynic: Discord. Isolation. Rebellion.
Dreamer: Harmony. Community. Union.

In a cynic's world, there are the rulers and the ruled. In a dreamer's world, there are the neighbors and the neighborhood. For a dreamer, the neighborhood *is* the world.
magicforest kisses smurfus rex on the nose 041115
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl *wants to hug smurfus for outlining something she can relate to.*

but that would be against my apathetic stereotype.
smurfus rex magicforest: *blushes*

insecure_goth_girl: *tosses over a Tootsie Roll Pop*

dreamers: what_would_you_do_if_you_weren_t_afraid
smurfus rex doh.


that's what I meant.

iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl *beams and adds the Tootsie Roll thing to her fascinating collection*

thankies! ^_^

i think they should sell these in cafe_blather. *wanders off to tell them so*
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