who else but TIM!!! tim is the MA'AN!!! 010411
someone is weird. 010411
Timmy Timmy 010816
timster it my name 011011
unhinged i hate you more every day
i hate your skateboard
i hate the way you eat icecream cones
i hate your lebret piercing
i hate that you talk to my friends
i hate when you smile
i hate your voice
i hate you
distorted tendencies Tim is this guy I saw once, he dresses, acts, has the same facial expressions as John, and he wants to fuck John. 011012
ts timothy is a twister,
a soul lost to time
girl_jane My uncle Tim is a Catholic priest. He brews beer in his basement and has won awards out in California for it. He wore bow-ties to Kindergarten. My other two uncles-Mike and Steve. Mike, who drinks Tim's beer, was married-divorced, married to the same woman again and again divorced, married-divorced two more times to different women. Steve, a recovered alcoholic, was married to a woman then divorced and has now been living with his boyfriend/"husband" for ten years. Then there's my mom.

I love family gatherings...
mistakes_were_made "tim"
"the guy from the pool?"
"yes... tim"
"what about him?"
"saw him on yale"
"pleasent expeirence"
"he was on the bus"
"he thought i was beautiful you know..."
"yes i know"
Cait Tim is my boyfriend. He's really hot and he's in the navy. I enjoy him very much. Love you Tim 030519
Lint Lover Should I call or Lint or Tim?
Names don't matter in matters of the heart
gif maybe the name wouldn't have such a lovely ring to it, if it were not for last night. and how could I ever have imagined the passion would we have. the tender way he could read deep inside me and know exactly how I wanted to be touched. it was a physical connection like no other. and how unexpectedly doting and intentive he was. calling me at noon to say how we thought of me in the morning, and would continue to think of me in the afternoon. i didn't think someone could treat me so right. is this why i sit here, being unable to wait a second more to see him? listening to country music I wouldn't normally because he would. thinking of how he insisted that a tie dye surong with a towel (nothing underneath was more than sexy) i think i've lost my mind over him. 040918
wish463983 i think about him on+on+on 041128
once again Is it odd that I should find your name here, when I can find you no where else? 041129
not odd at all 041129
fix 041129
blown cherry Who would dare to deny us our freedoms now?
Slingshots forced back by years of abuse have sent us sailing to who knows where now? But it's one hell of a fantastic ride.
Evilair is in japan, but he'll be back in a few months 051203
flowerbed on a cloud Such a good friend *smile* January seems like such a long time... 051203
Maple Tree i love him =( i wish he loved me too 060219
lorna do you realize that you're new girl is just as "cookie cutter" as me? there's one difference...i actually have a brain. 090727
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