haldan he was like, "i am one messed up mutha fukka"
and i was like, "yo dude, please try to spell your curses correctly..."
Fire&Roses Is that like a professional noun? It's a noun for money? How do you pay a pronoun? What does it do to get paid? I like regular nouns. 010915
it is me it is simple 030516
hopturntwotape a pronoun is still an amateur on the great scheme of verbal construction. it fullfills many functions of the nouns they replace - but in the end, they are still middle-management. i can see He and She, walking with It, on their way to see Them. my name is hopturn twotape, and i have lots of stuff. i keep It in a safe place. 030517
god i am the arm. 030517
hopturn twotape god is the disappointing. i always thought that god was more like the head, or maybe the eyes. an arm? makes sense if you take the history of religious war and oppression into consideration. what is the rest of the body? who does the body belong to? what does pronouns have to do with the meaning of god,you ask? god is a pronoun, a standin. not you personally, god, you're cool. you know, i've always wanted to talk directly to god. i never imagined that an arm could talk.... 030518
god i sound like this: woo woo woo 030518
nonlucid that's right, the pronouns will rule the world, inflicting pain on the more named eternally

she broke my heart
he left (or died, does it matter?)
and Ii (where the centre is, sometimes_capitalized) will never forget him
never forget her

dear sweet pronoun, i_love_you
watermark nouns are overrated. 041016
Pirate or Jedi ? what's your Noun?

hey! my next book... is the new dictionary !
its can only be purchased by Pirates.

How to apply for a Pirate i.d. card....

it's along process trust me!

you have to go to confession rooms.. and make friends with enemys... maybe stay in 5 star therapy jails even !

but once you have a Pirate i.d. card...
i won't tell you how much fun you can have !

there is always the Jedi i.d. card also... you have to study science for it.... to design the eco friendly ENZOs .

i'm going back to the drums in the meanwhile.
hopturn you know what...hopturn is only an illusion. or a delusion? i was at a crazy party one night, and my doppleganger walked over to me and started looking over my shoulder. he was identical to me in everyway, but he was dressed like one of the three musketeers. a negative me. a shadow me that sprung from the night. if i looked over the porch, this negative me did too...right over my shoulder, but no matter how hard i tried to look him directly in the face he somehow eluded me...he stayed on the outside of my peripheral vision. his name was hopturn...i don't really know how i knew that, either. he didn't talk. he just watched me watching him. i admired him. he seemed taller and happier than i was, but powerful. i spoke to him about very private things and he listened. sometimes people would stumble by us, but i remember thinking that maybe they could see him too. occasionally i even thought that maybe a friend was playing a joke on me. but there he was, either way. and as the sun started going up i reached for him...i wanted to see if it was me or not...i really didn't know if i was myself, or if i was him somehow, and i really didn't know who would be reaching for who. that's when i heard him (or me) whisper a great secret to me. now the question is this: do i now know that it was a hallucination? yes, i do. and another question would be this: what was the secret that you told yourself? and to that i can only say that it was intensely personal and powerful, and that it changed my life. take it or leave it, that's the whole story. i will say that from that night forward i have tried to live my life a lot differently, and that i no longer value the things of this world that fade away under dawn's cruel eye. 080312
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