scuzz Right now, it's 2 hours and 56 minutes into 2003. I need to be here typing on the computer, but I want to dream. I would love to experience a dream as I sit here working.
As a kid, I'd always experiment with dreams. Some I found allow you to do whatever you want; wander and travel through a world of empty (always empty) houses and neighborhoods. I'd always find the biggest, (bestest) house by the ocean and steal everything. I don't know why; just the feeling of owning everything I'll ever need because I just FOUND it all always felt so awesome. There'd be food, money, water beds, beautiful and unexplainable architecture, and huge bay windows everywhere. I remember in one of these dreams I flew to this house after escaping some army leader who chased me through the nearby mountain range, shooting fire balls at me. Funny how nothing seems even just a tad-bit odd when you're dreaming it. I landed, walked in, and found someone I knew waiting for me. You know the personification; just the embodiment of love and caring that you ever wanted all wrapped up in someone that loves to hug. I know it sounds cheesy, but I hope someone else has dreamt this.
Right now I'd walk upstairs to my room, (with carpetted walls... don't ask; i don't know) and just scream. I would do that too in my dreams and wake up with a sore throat, but my parents never asked why I had been screaming. I would love to sit here, screaming at all the unfaithful_altars I'm forcing myself to (once again in some cases) turn away from. I'd send my whole through their influence in my life and destroy them all. Dreams always allowed me to clear my head, as long as they were the ones where I wasn't being chased down a hill by witches, trying to smack my head into something HARD to wake up, or watching something long, boring, and not worth remembering in the morning.
If I could just have one more of those dreams, just go back to my house or someone else's, I'd be able to depend once again on these mental abstractions. No, I haven't been to that house in a while. I sure miss it. I hope someone else has found it. Let me know if you like the place.
Syrope sometimes it feels like my nerve endings are all concentrated under your fingertips, and follow like the metal shavings in those magnetic toys. the part of me against the bed i can't feel, i'm not even flesh anymore at that point. 041031
kookaburra i'm floating on through life
there was so much urgency in my head before, my brain seems to have shut off the panic response completely and nothing can faze me right now

it feels very, very nice...i'm a manatee in the seas of life

*hums aqueous transmission*
minnesota_chris OOoooooorrrrrrrrkkkkkkk . . .aaaaawwwwooooooooorrrrrrggggg 041103
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