Dafremen Debby,

The rabbithole goes deeper and deeper and its twists and turns leave us wondering what lies up ahead. It leaves us blinded until each bend has been rounded and then it amazes us with our own blindness and the reasonable nature of its secrets, though they are almost always profoundly unlike anything that we are familiar with. We are like children, seeing with eyes bereft of the experience or knowledge needed to understand. Then time, that relentless teacher, that magnificent magician, pulls another rabbit from the hole and we can see just that much farther. Things are afoot, love, and I'm afraid this is no psychology (did I mention that my father has a been registered clinical psychologist for 31 years? Oh and did I mention that the Seward book was found in a BOX of psychology books that I bought at a little auction for a dollar?), no this is very, very real. I couldn't convince you of anything, but know this: 11:11 and the eleven connection are all related to the sign of Aquarius and the 11th House, the Group of New World Servers (from Solarfire 4) and the New World Order. Times have come dearest pen pel, and there's no disregarding them as easily as we might disregard each other, or our own waking dreams and nightmares. I fell OFF the wagon for a time, and lost my way briefly, then found myself on the verge of losing my marriage of 14 years and my family. I looked into my wife's eyes and I LIED. I LIED with such deep conviction and such devious manipulation in mind. Such disregard and disrespect for another human being. How I could do such a thing?! Being who I am, and valuing what I do, the answer is beyond me. Then I looked into my son's eyes and I saw what I had become..human garbage.

I have been clean since and have found the God that before I had only alluded to in my pantheist musings. MY hal period was only a snack size taste, I have since found the Industrial Drum of universal contentment and happiness, and I have found my allies and partners in creating unity here, for myself, my children and for their children. Some day, Debby, love, they won't sing of me or mine...they will sing of the unbelieveable courage of the human race, which rose to its feet at last and shed the yoke of indifference and division that has for so long threatened its continued survival. Yes, Debby...time has come. 11..11 we have lived to see the dawning and the fruition of the Age of Aquarius, and just as our Aquarian friends must look beyond the neato and the different to find their kinship in commonalities with those around them, so must we all. Just as the Aquarian mind must find that sometimes the logical and the technological do NOT go hand in hand, so to must we come to terms with what our science and our industry have done to our humanity, the illogical nature of our madness labelled logic.

We must evolve...there is no other way short of extinction. Then it would be a start from scratch, and I'm afraid that the universe and the very Earth under our feet will not tolerate both our daily waste and the waste of eons.

Thank you for all that you have done to change my life and prepare me for this coming change. You have been a true lady, and a friend in every sense of the word. You have been honest, forthright and true to your my need. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Know that you are loved very deeply.

I look forward to anything you have to say. It is a pleasure that few people are fortunate enough to know. That of random, life changing connection left as a gift from nowhere. Yes, a gift...that is what you are...and hopefully, I have or will be able to reciprocate.


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