flowerock "ynot, it's my name backwards"
"every day is a good day"
"whether it rains or freezes, I'll be in the arms of jesus"

I love my dad
he's a little bit of a born again christian jesus lover, but it improved his and my grandparent's lives, so it's tolerable.
I love arguing with him, we're both right, both stuborn, both know everything and nothing at the same time, both let love prevail every time.
he can gove stern advice an express his feelings and thoughts even if they re harsh or conflicting to mine and once he s said that, move on.
there is always love.
love is the reason. for everything.
he had been my guide to this.

hardwork is love,
love is not hardwork.
this is inportant.

life is hardwork
hardwork is love
so life is love.

love and sincerity is everything. he doesn't say this but he shows it.
he sings out of tune, bathes in the river, laughs hard till he cries, gives until it hurts then give some more, he hugs tightly and reminds me the importance of appreciating my family when I have the chance. my little sister would snuggle up to me when we were younger and I d nudge her away and complain that there was a whole couch... my da would tell me let her snuggle because I d miss it one day... he was right. I do miss her an the way she kind of smelled like a danp puppy after a bath or the lake.

my dad and i have the same feet. and eyes. He said he wished we d spent more time together so he could have rubbed off some of his charisma on me. I lack a bit. I am growing though.
I hate being cold and wet but I miss the canoe and fishing and ice fishing.
one morning he woke us up at 4am to go squirel hunting. I was a vegetarian. family bonding he called it.
He said we d go canping. we never did maybe twice but he still had to o to work. that s what he dies. works all the time, never misses a day.
The time he missed work was for cancer surgery. It was a big enough deal for him to miss work so I traveled from az to mn with a gas can and a friend to drive as I had no money or liscense. it was winter and cold. I made it though.

I need to visit again soon. it has been years... maybe five years? too long. I deman to go camping and fishing and sit on the porch watching deer.

I want to listen to stories and argue and laugh.
I am so scared of missing more time and having another regret, that I missed out on something I can never get back ot find anywhere else.
unhinged space_cadet_glow

he has done the best with what he had, what he knew. he has worked so hard my whole life to give me what i have.

i love him dearly and completely. one of the only men i know that has been beside me no matter what.

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