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roger waters _the_wall_ 020722
unhinged from the time i was a small child i would space out very easily. just stop everything, standing totally still, staring into space.

i was imagining stories in my head.

it happened so often, my dad started calling me a space cadet. 'beeehhhh earth to planet anyone on space station mars?'

sometimes he physically had to prod me to get me to move. ive always had a one_track_mind

but then i started performing in orchestras. after we got a standing ovation in severence hall for the firebird suite i couldnt understand anything anyone said to me for a good 30 minutes. all the adrenaline mixed with the already disappeared beauty that was gone the moment the sound waves quit ringing, i would get lost in the recent memories echoing around in my head.

by that point, my dad didnt try to say much. he would just chuckle and shake this head. my dad pretty much grew up on a farm. my orchestra stuff amazed him. i lived for it.

i should perform again
flowerock that is a beautiful memory, beautifully described. 140723
TK This nostalgia is truly lovely unhinged =) 140808
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