Rainer is the flow all trend riders go with, just to feel accepted by every other rider, just to feel able to rise their aplomb like a water surface. 990618
j_blue taste

universal, scripted taste


someone once said art is either plagiarism or genious

i think so is taste

is this bad?
Sonya The realm where we go when we have no ideas of our own and it's where we end up when we wuss out and decide to conform.

"See you at The Gap!"

groucho marxist taste is the enemy of art 011113
silentbob hunger is the enemy of food 011113
silentbob some say, "i don't like So and So's band anymore because they sold out cuz the are on mtv and cuz lots of stupipd kids like them now"
I say, "sometimes an artist is just playing the same music and doing the same thing, and then more and more people hear about it. If the artist is saying the same thing, but suddenly more people like it, that doesn't make the message bad. that doesn't make the artist bad. that doesn't make the audience bad. If you have a problem with it, that makes YOU bad for being elitest. because music is for everyone. not just who heard it first."
mo i read a profile once that said under likes.."music: anything not mainstream" does this mean they have never heard a mainstream song they like? and they honestly like all music that is not considerend mainstream? and even if their favorite band suddenly becomes mainstream...they will stop liking them? i wonder if they have actually even heard music... 030430
Rotten77 people should just like what they like regardless of whether or not it's mainstream. there is no way to completely escape conformity--people r socialized in ways they don't even realize. no matter how hard u try not to, u will b conforming somehow. i think that if u r secure with yourself u won't feel the need to b completely different and stand out in some way. as long as u take what is presented to u and examine and analyze it, then it shouldn't matter if u like something mainstream cuz u will know that u like it yourself and r not merely absorbing whatever comes your way. 030501
User24 the main is a stream.
the alternative is a river.
silentbob oh user24

how i love thee
User24 thankyou!

I looked at your photo in the album, and was too shy to say, but;

you are hot.
PortraitOfTheMind Mainstream...conforming...what a joke. By what some of you say, if you listen to a song or band and you like it, you're already conforming. The person or people who made that song liked the rhythm or the ideas conveyed. If you like it too, does that mean you're conforming to their ideas? No. So, if a song is popular and goes mainstream, does that mean everyone is conforming? No. True artists can create something that the masses will like. Our own damn president can't even please the majority, yet there are musical artists who can create a song that can bring people together.

Music is music. It's meant to convey emotions, experiences, and stories. Enjoy what you enjoy and don't try to place any other value or conspiracy upon it. MTV is not brainwashing teenagers into accepting a song or band. If they're popular, it's because they are good at what they do.
jane aaron: you know why they call it mainstream?

me: no, why?

aaron: 'cause it's like this deep. [holds an inch between fingers]

me: ah, i see.

aaron: yeah. and that's why they call it underground...
knot meat i'm tired of people not liking things just because they're mainstream. instead you should apply the same logic that leads you to like or dislike something and that led you initially to dislike mainstream things to each thing in your life. look at the underlying reasons rather than just blindly setting yourself on a course, which seems the very thing you rebel against. i mean it's not mainstream to walk around jabbing forks in your eyes, but there's a reason for that. likewise, breathing air is mainstream...nothing wrong with that. i guess you're just applying statistical logic...i.e. most things in the past mainstream have sucked so i'll have a rebuttable presumption t owards mainstream things sucking. some people set the rebuttal bar too high though. 050803
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