mikey Thank you for being you
Thank you for being different
For being honest
And patient
For being a true friend
Millions upon millions
Of minds in this world
And im lucky enough
To have met yours
Your creative
And caring
Soft spoken
And unique
Your one of my
Guardian angels
You make my life easier
I hope we remain
Friends forever
With love,

ive got some wonderful friends. friends make the world go round. friends can break you to if they betray. but to me thats great because it helps me eliminate the bad seeds.
dafremen Beautiful note Mikey....

I'd change friends to family. Family makes the world go round. Take away close family ties and values and the world goes down the toilet.

Ok, screw it we both know better:

Intertia makes the world go round man. Nuff Said.

Hi Leah, mikeys a good guy, teach him some physics...or at least some biology.(hubba hubba!)

Did I actually type hubba hubba? Good Gawd!
Voice of Deus Here's a freewrite about Leah. It's incredibly difficult for me to freewrite on the computer because the whole point is that one's pen should not leave the page. As it is, if my fingers don't leave the keys then I get something very garbled. So I'll have to just try and keep typing as fast as I can without going back to change typos either, which will be hard because thats fairly reflexive at this point. Pause while I change cd's. Resume, playlist formed.

Leah is the subject of this freewrite because she is on my mind more often than anything else these days. Why should this be? Because she is absolutely amazing. I don't think anyone could disagree. She is of an intellectual caste above the rest, a caste of which I considered myself until I met her. Then I discovered just what it means to be humbled.
bobbybodeen wenh wenh wenh 031002
randomly recent ! 040117
love & hate You stupid fool,
why do you do this,
why do you do this to her,
Your Katie, of all people,
the angel that saved your life,
the agnel that helped you breathe again.
Why do you do what you do?
Why are you so fucked up?
Why can't you make her love you again?
Why can't you make her need you again?
Why Katie? Why cant you say you love her again?
love & hate Leah: the dieing fool in the corner, huddled in her own self-hatred, her own reality, her own thoughts of demons taking over the world, her own hate for the world, her own selfishness, her own vainess. The stupid girl in the corner, waiting to be noticed by the one who looks away, who refuses to notice her, refuses to forgive her. Waiting, waiting for her, waiting for death, either one, she will be happy. She doesnt know what to do, she doesnt know what to say, she doesnt know what to believe anymore. She is helpless, utterly helpless without her, without the memories which are fading, like colours washed away. She, the lost one, the one who noone should care for, yet they do, all but the one she wants most to care. Kill yourself, its the only option, the only option she has given her. The only option that will make the pain stop, make the tormenting thoughts stop, the dreams stop, the love, no, the love wont stop, not even with death. The door is open, i am just waiting. 040420
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