sabbie "if her divine master plan is perfection
maybe next i'll give judas a try"

ok, so its another tori quote, but some of the things she says just can't be phrased better.

kelli crane priest 020113
lycanthrope The sunset was not red like blood,
the sky
and inscriptions were hammered
variously out in unknowable order -
the cavernous deepening
blue overhead
into trails of gothic constellations
the line of an ancient
explosive lashing
of light.
Peripheral but not ignorable
boundries in space.
The inspiration for moral
and causation tales,
like the liminal shadows
which formed matrixes
of colorless leaves
and gallows
and my body
yet before they all become the same,
i shall have my say,
i shall write the first gospel -

you see,
my kiss,
was my own snare,
not an escape,
the battles of the day
can know no end -
i'm always here, seeking
reference points -

it is not enough that you left me,
you must become the sun
and make me the moon.

it is not enough that you love me,
you must become the warm mud
slipping unabashedly between the subtle webs of my toes, while
the rain's slight reproachful chill, while
which makes my ears numb
like papa's boxing, while
i seek to hood my thoughts in a box of burning rope.

But because, it is not enough what i've done, you persist.
You are suddenly the wind's stained currency,
you are the earth and darkness
and you seek my betrayal forever.

I search for it everywhere, but cannot find it twice, thought now all call it me.

You are even this tree,
you will facilitate my floating suffocation.

Let no one ever say, my savior,
that you are innocent,
or that your hands spill only your own blood.
You are everywhere.
You are also me.

My betrayal is of me, is you,
is the mountains coming down
from the shade and shaking
in the light of an awesome
glorious morning sun
and still remaining dark;
is a horizon that makes
promises and breaks them
because there are so many
Just like mine.

You are this morning,
which discovers me,
drowned in those eyes,
purpled with them,
my kiss dried on my lips.
Forgiveness never in rhythm
with time or light.
Ssamayyel was disemboweled by the force with which he hanged himself 020507
gatorbabae couldn't he just point to him from afar? i mean really, did he have to go up and kiss him, who suggested that as the official signifier anyway? 020507
pointy toothed blown cherry anyone see that not-so-good movie Dracula 2000?
The theory was that Judas was the original vampire.
Hanging from the tree, dying as the sunset, never to be in the light again.
Cast away from god, and all things sacred.
All for a few pieces of silver.

I like the idea.
grendel Yeah, i rather enjoyed that premise 020507
me and he hung himself on the judas tree b/c he had carried out the same act of betrayal TWICE...saves you having to read the whole novel 030711
stork daddy the banality of evil, or the evil of banality? you get strung along. you forget what makes a parasite a lover. you'd betray the son of man with a kiss. you'd say hail rabbi. you'd hang yourself with the same indifference. or maybe it'd be your last attempt at love. 040317
nom http://www9.nationalgeographic.com/lostgospel/index.html 060406
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