jeff heretic. i choose to sleep in on sunday mornings, refrain from speaking in tongues, and choose to underestimate the effects of my own death. Therefore, I am heretic - spawn of hellfire and all that is evil. 980905
Caine Maybe you are, maybe you are. Just because you haven't been struck down by lightning doesn't mean you've been doing the right thing by insulting people's belief systems, Darchmare. 981124
Rainer whats that a system of a church that believes it has the right to divide people into believers and heretics? and whats that a system of a church that thinks it has the Right to judge people for not being believers, for not backing down to the hierarchy of the church?
Didn't the god of the christs, the jews and the moslems created all people equal? Didn't that god gave everyone the very same rights and the very same duties?
parsley well, geez, i didn't expect the spanish inquisition! 990404
l No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! 990612
jared_d Um, me. I suppose. 990923
Believer Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is the Savior, the Messiah, the Redeemer. The bible is the infallible Word of God given as a tool to help live and understand life according to God's will and plan. The Truth is that no one will enter the gates of Heaven unless they repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord of their life, and those who don't will suffer for all eternity in the the lake of burning sulfur, tormented forever. The Truth may sound harsh or silly to you, but to reject it is foolish. Why play around with your souls eternity when the Truth has been shown to you. I pray that all who have read thus far will now be left in unrest until they have come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. May you be left without comfort, peace, love, or joy in your sinful ways so that you will see that the love of God and salvation through His Son are the only Truths and ways. In Jesus name. Amen. 991008
Drennan Hang on a minute! I heard that kain and able got married, but if that's true then where did the wifes come from, adam and eve were the first humans so that means that they and their sons were the only humans alive?
Slightly drunkk today, bye!!!.
For sure! yeah! i played a was called heretic! i read a had the word heretic in it! i never looked it up. right now i wish i had. 000712
poison angel any one who preaches, teaches, or practices that which any given church/sect/cult/religion
has declared to be in opposition to it's established rules and precepts

i have no faith and endeavor to shake the faith of others

therefore i am a heretic

a heretic flea believes that there is no dog or that he does not need the dog
or that it would be a worthy cause to kill or otherwise undermine the dog
Miner The way I see it, nobody is a heretic, everybody has a right to believe what he or she wants, no matter how strange or fantastic it appears to be, as long as they donít try and force it on everybody else. Since lets face it, those who preach their religions at you, are often the ones who have the most impressive, yet unbelievable tales to tell. 010508
Zack Never question anything, and you'll never know the truth. 010819
ruthlessdestiny870621345 every site i've gone to is different and you guys are confusing me. Please somebody just tell me what a heretic. from what i've been hearing so far i don't know if i'm heretic or pagen ( i really don't know how to spell that word )

the reason why i'm having such a hard time is because i am so young. thats why i need somebodies help.
urs i am a heretic because people sneeze when i'm around 040206
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